An American Religion?

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  • no-zombie

    I have a question.

    Have every member of the Governing Body (past and present) been American Citizens?

    While I understand that some may have been born outside of the US, ultimately to serve in the world HQ long term, I imagine that they all had to become 'Americans'?

    no zombie

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    a Good question.

    I am going to guess no, because the JWs in the past have been hesitant to commit to the Oath of Allegiance. I honestly don't know where they are now on it, maybe it is a conscience matter nowadays, but in the past it was not allowed for JWs.

  • Simon

    It's just pure coincidence that Jehovah selects people who are always based in the US ... to operate the mostly US religion.

    They just happen to be most righteous people out of all those worldwide.

    Unless ... Jehovah is racist?

  • Rocketman123

    Unless ... Jehovah is racist?

    Funny could be ,

    He obviously has a preference for English speaking Americans who own and operate their own publishing company.

  • pistolpete

    Jehovah is an AMERICAN!

  • Fadeaway1962

    John (jack) Barr was from bonnie Scotland Aberdeen

    So technically not a English speaker 😁

  • Simon
    So technically not a English speaker

    Oooh, they will be throwing their haggis at ye for that one!

  • Overrated

    Watchtower is not for the US Government, but sure benefits from it's tax free structure as a charity. But really a Real Estate Business.

  • zooooooo

    An American religion?

    I think so.

    Unfortunately, my father liked America

  • waton

    America was a natural to have such entities develop. immigrants, energetic often the outsider, from religious splinter groups, from all nationalities, reflecting much the percentages of the US population make up, Russel, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz, and

    ready to return the scheme to their countries of origin.

    nothing new here, if the first Abrahamic faith was Jewish, the third"s late offspring: American. Vox populi vox dei.

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