What Do They Have in Common?: Covington/ Muhammed Ali / Disfellowship policy

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  • Earnest


    The article "Use Theocratic War Strategy" in the 1957 Watchtower (5/1 pp. 285-286) refers to the 1956 Watchtower (2/1 pp. 76-90) in the footnotes.

    The 1956 Watchtower contains the study article "Cautious as Serpents Among Wolves" which spends fifty paragraphs discussing how we are to be cautious as serpents with many Bible examples. It uses the expression "war strategy" five times, and the word "strategy" fourteen times (including "war strategy") in the article. This was a positive endorsement of what has become known as theocratic strategy or warfare.

  • EdenOne

    Good point, Earnest!

    Interestingly, in the 1956 article, it says that a JW would never lie under oath and instead should remain silent and face the consequences. In the following articles, I believe that was dropped.

  • Terry

    These are all good clarifying points as the rugged and ragged history of the Legal
    Department wound down under an ever more inebriated Covington.

    We don't (I don't) give enough attention to how human weakness and pettiness have impacted so many rank and file JW's lives because of the push and shove at the top of our GB food chain.

    Behind that curtain, there is a nasty smell...

  • Terry

    I think about how underpaid and unrewarded such a potent attorney was
    because of his association with Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Today the Watchtower cult pays millions of $$ to lawyers.
    The money spent is for nefarious purposes.
    What Covington achieved has considerable impact for the good ...mostly.
    Some people are simply born at the wrong TIME in history.

  • Rafe

    Good read Terry

    Just one question though, what was he DFed for ?

  • Terry

    Good read Terry Just one question though, what was he DFed for ?

    Rafe, I can't say positively he was DF'd for alcoholism but that's all
    anybody complains about concerning Covington.
    Rutherford drank 'at least' as much as HCC.

    I'll use a Theocratic word here: "Apparently" he was DF'd for drunkenness.
    I suspect he was either unrepentant or insubordinate vis a vis Knorr.

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