One thing that the WTS & Religion in general has going for it ....

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  • Simon

    ... old people! Yeah, I know, as Pete Kaye would say: "Old people, you can't beat 'em .... pity".

    But seriously, where else would you have a bunch or 17 year old lads chatting with some 80+ year old guy?

    I remember some of the old people in our old KH and they were genuinely nice people. They were generations apart from some of us and sometimes a little eccentric but they were funny as hell and had so many great stories to tell and it was kind of nice to hang out with them sometimes.

    I think it's something many now miss out on ... there isn't always the opportunity to connect with different age groups outside of your immediate family circle.

  • WTWizard

    It's fine and good to connect with different age groups. That's how knowledge is passed down generations. Cut younger people off from older, and whatever wisdom and knowledge the older generation had will die off.

    But, is it really wisdom when all they share in common is a god that desires all to be enslaved? To me, this is not the sort of knowledge that deserves to be passed down generations, except maybe to warn them that cults and bad religions exist. And, what happens to those connections the instant the younger party starts harboring doubts about what the leaders say? To me, that defeats whatever good comes from inter-age interaction, and spreads enslavement down generations instead of wisdom.

  • prologos

    WTWizard, not many oldtimers are retired circuit overseers who live in their past glory days and would be talking in glowing terms to youngsters to perpetuate the slavery.

    Old and fit people are the success story of the human race, A recent science article pointed out that the the long life of humans has been established by older and older men fathering children throughout the ages. Old people like to be surrounded by the future generation, those young ones though, are truly in a different world, and young people might be more dismissive of the old then ever. Hopefully, that sharing of great experience will happen before those particular old ones fade away.

    The experience that there is life, satisfaction apart, beyond, and outside the wt straight jacket.

  • stillin

    I still get to the KH and what I see is clumps of young ones...of course! But I guess any contact they may have with the older ones is better than none. Good observation, Simon.

  • scratchme1010

    I think it's something many now miss out on ... there isn't always the opportunity to connect with different age groups outside of your immediate family circle.

    I think it's sad to think that a religious setting is one of the few ways for intergenerational interaction. I respectfully differ from that opinion. First, if that was the case, what does that say about us as society? Second, I for once I haven't set foot in any kind of KH or church (other than some churches as a tourist) for decades and I talk to 80 year olds as well as young adults and younger. That is not to mention that today is the first time in history where you see 4 generations of people in the workforce.

    But seriously, where else would you have a bunch or 17 year old lads chatting with some 80+ year old guy?

    There are many communities, events and even your own neighborhood where you can chit chat and have friends with people from multiple generations. As far of the KW and congregations, I think it's more accurate to say that you see 17 year olds obligated to chat with 80+ year olds. And in light of the things that have come out, I think that setting makes it even creepier.

  • freemindfade

    I agree. There are some true gems from the great generation in there. Also a lot at that age weren't "raised" in it but converted so they are generally more well rounded to the real world.

  • Xanthippe

    AgeUK have a befriending sevice where you can visit elderly people, many who say they haven't had a visit from family for over a month. I'd rather volunteer to do that than go to a KH.

    Older people are great. I've taught Internet and iPad use to many in my job and they're lovely to talk to, very grateful for help. If libraries close in my county and I get chucked out of my job in April 2018 I might work or volunteer to help the elderly.

  • Vidiot

    On the subject of religious positives...

    ...I've said this before, but - despite my agnosticism (and smartassedness) - any church who accepts the discoveries of science and history regardless of the implications, takes the duty of care towards its members seriously, embraces fiscal and policy transparency, and fosters genuinely positive community activism...

    ...does have my respect.

    And yes, churches like that do exist.

  • ScottyRex

    I remember so many kind and lovely people who were elderly from the Kingdom Hall.........I was 19 and remember one of the anointed a single elderly 80 year old used to give me a lift home from the meeting. She had an an old Citreon car, I can see it now. This must have been the mid 80's. You'll hate me for saying but I just knew that this woman had something....I once asked her whilst going home how she 'knew' she was one of the remenant. She told me so many things but always was so humble.......I haven't forgot her.

  • Fernando

    It is a sad and horrible bait-and-switch.

    People longing for community end up in a cult.

    People longing for spirituality end up in religion.

    The truth is we don't need religion for community and spirituality. Religion actually undermines genuine community, faith and spirituality - albeit in varying degrees depending of the level of religiosity.

    There seems to be some good news though.

    An emergent believer movement has been quietly sweeping through the Jewish, Christian and Muslim world.

    Progressive people who are increasingly done with institutions, dogma, rules, tradition and division (aka religion).

    Sample google search 1: emergent judaism

    Sample google search 2: emerging church

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