Anointed Delusions of Grandeur

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  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    The only annointed people I ever met were all ancient and senile. They supposedly had a greater understanding of scripture, but their answers at meetings were always incomprehensible nonsense, and none of them were ever appointed.

    Annointed but not appointed.

  • DesirousOfChange

    How does he know? Must be a little voice he hears in his head while it's up his ass.

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    My experience with those who claimed to be "anointed" was that they were very definitely affected by mental illness.

    Same experience here, without exception.

  • punkofnice
    kocham cie - How do the 'anointed' come to the conclusion that they are chosen?

    The ones I knew were all full of self importance. There-in lies the answer.

  • shepherdless

    Someone who thought he was anointed for 5 years, and then learned TTATT and then turned up on the jwrecovery website (which is no longer is online). He described how he came to believe he was anointed, and what eventually brought him to reality. It was an interesting read. A brave and humble poster, for a while. He went by the username goat-bone (or goat bone or goatbone). He also later made a few posts on the exjw reddit site. I haven’t seen a recent post. He’s probably moved on in life. Good for him.

  • Londo111

    One professed anointed pioneer lady in my area seemed not quite all there.

    But on the other hand, another "anointed" brother did not seem mentally "unbalanced". He was a nice, down to earth person. He had lost his vision, but gave talks and was quite capable. Of course, at the time, I saw him through rose-colored glasses and I was someone starstruck at his "anointedness".

    I don't wonder about those who are mentally imbalanced in some way...but I do wonder about those who are in apparent normal mental health, those who are not narcissistic, at why they believe they are specially called.

  • sir82

    my hall has 2 'anointed' ones and they are both kind of weird in terms of personality and mannerisms. Thoughts?

    Not really surprising.

    I can think of 7 guys who claim to be "anointed", who show up on JW broadcasting all the time, who fit the description of "kind of weird in terms of personality and mannerisms". In fact, for all 7, you can safely delete the "kind of".

    I was always told that they got to know a "special song" that only anointed ones would just spontaneously​ get in their head and that would be their evidence of being a chosen one.


    Wonder what song it is?

    "The wheels on the bus go round and round..."

    "They're coming to take me away, hee hee, ho ho, ha ha..."

  • Searching

    I asked my mother quite a number of times about this, each time she answered a little bit differently. She's say things like "They were filled with the Holy Spirit" to "The Holy Spirit gave them a dream of it" and then finally "They just know"

    I never did get a straight answer, and oddly enough I was always a bit upset that my grandfather was never chosen as an anointed for how devout he was/is. Looking back on it I'm glad, it would have made leaving & having my eyes opened a lot harder.

  • redvip2000

    Every single anointed person i've met has been odd. There is something wrong with those folks.

    You ask, how do they know? Well they don't. They are simply so narcissistic that they feel they are special. There are people who really thrive on attention and status.

    This is not too different than Geeshus himself. Image that, a hippie jewish carpenter, starving for attention who evidently knew jews were waiting on a messiah, so he figured that he was so special that he must be this person. And they believed him.

    Now, how did Geeshus know he was the messiah? Well he didn't. He was just as narcissistic as the Jdubs who think they are annointed.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    It is looking like the "Jw Experience" brings out an awful lot of bitterness post-escape.

    Mind Control is real and it is effective.

    Behavior Modification.

    For a lifetime.

  • Vidiot


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