Why the need for a Faithful and Discreet Slave?

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  • tom64kat

    I was thinking recently about a fundamental scripture that JW's base their religion on, Matthew 24:45-51. Although I now know this is basically a parable they have interpreted as a prophecy, a more interesting question came to mind that I'm going to ask the elders if they ever show up again (they promised to investigate the UN situation and get back to me - that was about 3 months ago).

    If Jesus is really the ruling over the christian congregation since 1914 and Matthew 28:20 is true, WHY does he need to turn over all his belongings (i.e. authority) to men. What was he going to be doing that he couldn't do it himself? Does the fact that he is invisible mean he needs to leave something visible for us to follow? One scripture the elders kept using was John 4:24, that god is looking for ones who worship him in spirit and truth. They emphasized truth (meaning they are the only ones who have it) but why would we need to worship in spirit if we were going to have something visible to look to.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has ever thought about this?

  • jst2laws

    Hello tom64kat

    Good for you. Reasoning. We cannot expect reasonableness from the WT Society. It is more concerned with dogma that substantiates their basis for power. You obviously know that.

    But you are new here. Welcome!

    Keep posting


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    so when they change their doctrine everyone will accept it.

  • mizpah

    Twenty years ago, I confronted the elders who were visiting my home with similar questions. They were unable to give me satisfactory answers. For example, I asked them about the parable of the "faithful and discreet slave." I said that I noticed in the parallel account in Luke (12) that a third condition was introduced. He mentions a servant "who does not know and does things deserving of punishment" but who "will be beaten with FEW blows." I wanted to know how and by whom this was fulfilled. Of course, they didn't know. But they promised to return with an answer.

    They didn't. But I did get a call "inviting" me to meet with them at the Kingdom Hall. I found out that this was going to be a full judicial meeting. So, I refused to attend. The end result was that they disfellowshipped me "in absentia."

    I tell you this only because visits from elders can have consequences other than to answer your questions.

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