It feels really odd

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  • StoneWall

    Sad to hear of your cousin passing and then to couple that with finding out it has been some years went by would have to be a bit of a shock that none of the family even bothered to let you know.
    Saw that this was in the Asheville,N.C. area.
    I wonder if I worked with some of his family on those 'quick build' KH's back in the 1980's over there. We built two simultaneously over one weekend over there in Asheville way back then.

  • Tameria2001

    @StoneWall Throughout all the 1980's, and 90's they were still in Wisconsin. Part of his extended family did move to Tennesse in the 90's though. They were tired of those cold winters of the north, except for his dad, he loved the cold. He moved to NC in 2002.

  • steve2

    I get anonymous text messages when anyone in my extended family die. I suspect it’s my sister who seems to have a little bit of humanity remaining - but I cannot be certain and I don’t want to push it. I simply reply with a word or two along the lines of, “Thank you for letting me know”.

    Although I am no longer close to any of my JW family and relatives, it seems humanly important to know when any of them die. If I did not get the text notice, I would not know who has died within my family.

  • jp1692

    Steve2, that is a bizarrely dysfunctional relationship you have with your unknown relative.

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