Lara Kaput ex JW on "insight" SBS TV program Australia.

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  • smiddy3

    Just stumbled across it tonite. 17/09/2019 @ 0830PM

  • zeb

    I will take it in. thanks

  • blondie

    smiddy3, do you have a link or similar?

    Unfortunately, unless PBS imports it (or BBCA) I don't get such programs here. (Love Graham Norton on BBCA, new shows coming up 10/4)

  • jwleaks

    Deals with Family Estrangement and discusses the JWs and shunning.

    Preview article written by Lara...

    SBS Insight TV promo...

    Full episode (you will have to join but it’s free)...

  • blondie

    Thanks jwleaks.

  • zeb

    The convener Jennie Brockie missed a gold opportunity to ask the jw there the one in pink just why she insists on shunning her sister.

    Their father said a few times his family was broken but he didnt have the ability (quote: the psychology") to make it well again. and why? was this because all the years of wt 'culture' meant he had no mental or learned ability in interpersonal skills? That he was as we all have been dissuaded from going to a counsellor?.

    This family said several times they cant get together as the fight much of the time. The nature of those fights like what about would have been in context and revealing.

    also, the one attending the kh said and this was not taken up, that she always got (gossip) told by other sisters of the the doings of her mother.

    But these insights aside it was a clear expose of the family wrecking the wt indulges in.

    Much credit must be given to the people involved who stepped into the spotlight with their 'demons'.

    oh and best I recall the dfd started because one lady was "pecking" (kissing.?) an elders son. That is it.

  • RayoFlight2014

    This was such a good program, but it was only a snapshot of the lives of the participants. I felt the insight program was too short to really get into the deeper reasoning behind their family dysfunction.

    Lara's family estrangement happened while they were witnesses, and it appears that watchtower disfellowship and shun policy was the catalyst or trigger that gave rise to the situation that family now has.

    Still, we don't have a complete picture of the family dynamics and reasons why, after all those years, the members of the family that are no longer under the influence of watchtower cannot reconcile. And I think they would be better placed for reconciliation if they would take on board a measure of responsibility for how it has played out.

    In a supportive mediation environment they should be able to determine where the blame squarely lies, partly watchtower, partly individual and partly circumstance.

    Granted, the Jehovah's witness cult is responsible for the devastation of many families and is tearing the family unit apart by coercion and undue influence which is hostile to an already inherently dysfunctional family.

    That being said, it wouldn't be fair and honest to put too much blame on watchtower when we can see, as evidenced by the other participants testimonies, that family estrangement can and does happen without having any ties to the jws/wts.

    However, it is important to highlight the fact that all of these families' best chance at reconciliation comes...., not from religion, not from any god (jehovah or otherwise)and definitely not from those so called "witnesses" of jehovah who are more inclined to give a false witness and outright lie to prop up their morally mistaken beliefs and loyalties, .....rather from mediation by a secular "worldly" liaison.

    There are pockets of badness within the watchtower corporation/ jws, just as there are in the global community, but there is goodness, love and caring also on both sides.

    This is something that honest ones within the Jehovah's witnesses desperately need to wake up and acknowledge.

    Only then will they become proactive toward healing and knowing what love is rather than waiting on jehovah to fail to arrive before they and the next-generations to time indefinite die.

  • zeb

    Yes, you are quite correct the program was only a snapshot but must have been an 'eye-opener' for many who watched it.

  • RayoFlight2014

    Oops, thanks Smiddy3 and jwleaks for bringing this to our attention and providing links.



  • smiddy3

    I have just got back after a couple of days being away. And I too felt the program missed some golden opportunities to get to the bottom of why the two sisters and their father were all estranged from each other .

    To me ,I thought the problem with Lara and her sister was because ,lara had left JW`s and her sister was still actively involved and she was shunning Lara.

    And the program didn`t really go into the father daughter relationships.

    I thought there was a lot of missed opportunities all round here.

    I was a little disappointed.I didn`t feel a person who had little or no knowledge of JW`s would get the gist of what was really going on in this religion.

    That was just my view of the program.

    Lara Kaput and Steven Unthank together have both been actively involved in exposing the Jehovah`s Witness religion ,was it the human rights commission ? or something similar ?

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