Kingdom Hall sales - A question?

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  • no-zombie

    A little while ago, comments appeared here about the sale of about 3000 Halls and an American BOE letter sent discussing a while sweeping congregational reorganization. Does anyone here have a copy of that letter or written proof of plan to downsize, that they are willing to share?

  • Crazyguy

    I don’t think such a letter exists but I could be wrong. The numbers I always heard from the Borg was how many new building projects that were supposed to be going on and why they need our money. As for hall closer and sales I think they have only stated that these moves were to help with space and better use of it. No numbers being mentioned for they dont want the average JW to start and put two and two together.

    There was some accounting videos that mentioned some numbers saying they had a certain vacancy rate etc maybe that’s where any numbers may have been discussed.

  • asp59

    The video said they were gonna sellout 3000 buildings in a think 10 year period.

  • LV101

    One of the GB members stated on a linked video dated 2015 (I think) they were selling 3,000 properties over (I think) the next 5 yrs so they should be winding hall sales down to their projected goal within another year or so. They must know they can count on a certain percentage of die-hards in the org or it was just a guesstimate at the time of the announcement. Hopefully, their stats were way too positive and they'll need to liquidate which I seriously doubt!

  • Vidiot

    What I find far more interesting is the fact that they completely failed to mention how many new KHs were going to be built.

  • LV101

    New KHs -- ahh, yes, the new fast food halls springing up. Gotta love developers that move with the times. Downsizing more lucrative considering their market/MO.

    I think the cult should sell uniforms for their adherents like fast foods/auto/muffler shops/airlines, provide for their employees. They'd save an enormous amount of time for themselves (and the lock-steppers) from preaching conservative, standard, dress codes.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Well, There are at least 2 KH's that won't be sold here in California! They were both, in of all places, Paradise, CA. They burned to the ground. I'm sure jehober was well pleased with that 'whole burnt offering'.

    just saying!

  • LV101
    Two halls burned to the ground -- what are the odds!! It's unreal. That's hilarious 'whole burnt offering'.
  • watson

    Theocratic Insurance will kick in..

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