Is there a Ministerial Servant Qualification Change?

by Simon Templar 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar
    It used to be that if an adult child (either a non-believer or disfellowshiped/disassociated) lived "under your roof" and lived by the "bible standards of the home", the father could be appointed either a MS or elder as the case may be. Of course, if the adult child was a believer and a member of the congregation, they had to be exemplary. I overheard at the meeting yesterday, taking place in a side conversation held in the corner, that if this living condition exists, the father cannot be appointed because of the presence of the non-participating adult child in the home. I can't ask any questions to clarify this matter for obvious reasons. Has anyone heard anything similar? Is there a letter or some published information about this?
  • steve2

    So you overheard this in a private exchange and it was not said from the platform during a meeting?

  • Ohiamfree
    I have known in the past for people to be removed or "deleted" (stupid term) as elders due to their child being disfellowshipped yes. But I am not sure if this is in writing - check the new release ;) ( Bethel rule book)
  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar
    Steve2 it was a conversation between two Elders talking on the side. I was doing light cleaning. It was not from the platform.
  • cantleave
    There are no set standards. Some elders / MS's kids can get away with murder and the elder stays on, others are deleted for minor issues. This is a cult, it depends on who you are and whose ass you've kissed.
  • FadingTruth

    Here's the pertinent part from the Shepherd the Flock (elder's manual)

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    This has been the practice for as long as I can remember. If an elder has a grown child out of ten truth, he either kicks the child out of his house or else steps down as an elder.
  • Quarterback
    If your wife or children were unbeleivers, you would of been spared this judgement. Even if your unbeleiving kids were Axe Murderers.

    Getting a position in the BORG is all about appearances and statistics. Is a brother "reaching out", whatever that means. Does he appear "spiritual" to the rank and file publishers? Would his appointment raise eyebrows??

    Not if he's an Elder's son, masturbating while living in his parent's basement. Not if he has enough hours and does all the dumb, menial tasks that the Eldubs don't want to do. The Eldubs have to "teach" the congregation, ( Repeat the latest crap-tastic bull-shite from G.O.D ) so they ain't got time fo' dat!!

    It's all a big scam and you have to play the game. Do you mind being humiliated and kissing ass for a future position where you earn the privilege of kissing more ass, sniffing ass, and getting your ass sniffed??

    If that sounds like your thing, then join the big ass-sniffing daisy chain and bring some strawberry jelly! You're gonna need it!! 😝


  • stuckinarut2

    It all depends on how "influential" or how much of a "popular" elder one is!

    If he is a bully or a popular elder, his family situation can be excused!

    I see it in the local cong!

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