Motives Matter

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  • nicolaou

    You and me both. The younger dubs are doing it on Reddit and Facebook but this old place will always be special.

  • Spiral

    AllTimeJeff: Interesting turn on the discussion. The Sheeples are a special lot. As an old saying goes, “If you don’t have anything planned for your life, you’ll likely fall into the plans of someone else. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!”

    You know the sad thing is, at this point, I see that some of my JW friends (I'm in my 50s) just don't have the guts to tell their relatives (as in righteous elderly parents) they don't want to be a JW anymore.

    Sad, but how wonderful is THAT for the GB. Followers (and contributors) who don't have the courage to quit, and keep on giving!

    This cult isn't about improving your relationship with god.

    AllTimeJeff : I was at a Ministry School Meeting ( ten years ago ) and listened to two sisters making a field service presentation. The sister made her usual spiel to the householder and took out an older 190 page book for her to read.

    I sat there and it finally hit me right in the face. Why would this householder be interested in this 10 year old book .. a book she would never understand and have little interest. Why not just read some insightful Bible scriptures to the householder?

    Now, I figured it out! This book was offered because of large inventory at the warehouses, not because of subject matter. ( they probably had so many 190 page books that collecting dust )

    This WTBTS is nothing but a religious corporation. It has a 8 member board and answers to no one. They send out Missionaries, Pioneers, Circuit and District Overseers, and have Elders make sure the rules and all regulations are enforced. Most labor is free: from factory, warehouse, Kingdom Hall, Convention Halls and the Warwick Headquarters construction. Also,there is the buying and selling of real estate, large money contributions and no accounting on where all this money goes.

    As you said: The motives of the Sheeples class is not what this is about. Simply put, it's about the leadership

    The only thing they give in return to its members is ....the carrot and the stick of the '' new paradise'' and false promises.

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