586/587 the K.I.S.S. approach --- no VAT4956, Ptolemy, Josephus needed

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    I just completed my own list of the six Neo-Babylonian Kings. Evidently the 607 BCE year lines up perfectly with Nabopolasser's 19th regnal year. Simply amazing what basic math can do. Thanks to the K.I.S.S. approach and a good read.

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    Many words are still being said on a current thread about 607 vs. 586/587 BC: - so the excellent material presented here by alleymom may be of interest to many. (It was to me, and just about gave another poster apoplexy!)


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    This is a great thread.

    For those on the forum who don't understand the significance of all this, the WTS' claim of divine authority depends on the accuracy of their date system.

    The WTS says Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar in 607 BCE, that the "Gentile times" lasted 2520 years [2520-607 = 1913 + 1 (because there was no year 0) = 1914], which would mean the Gentile times ended in 1914 CE (BTW, all this is WTS interpretation).

    1914 is therefore a key date in WT theology. It's when Jesus supposedly returned invisibly and shortly thereafter (1918-1919) appointed the WTS to be the "faithful and discreet slave" organization, God's one true organization on earth. If Jesus didn't return invisibly in 1914, their entire eschatology and claim of divine selection falls apart.

    So if -- as this thread demonstrates -- Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 or 586 BCE rather than in 607 BEC, then by the WTS' own calculation system, Jesus didn't "return invisibly" until 1934 or 1935, meaning that 1914 was nothing special in Bible prophecy and that Jesus' supposed selection of the WTS in 1918-1919 didn't happen.

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