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  • jdash

    So I have the username and password to my grandfathers jw.org account - who is an elder.

    Just incase, you guys would want something I could try to get it to you.

  • stuckinarut2

    You will find that it will very quickly be traced back to him and he will be alerted.

    Not worth the hassles.

    Hey, I have my old log ins as well...but I think they will have deleted my access by now....

  • snare&racket

    It’s illegal to access computer data that is not yours to access.

    We may not be JW’s anymore but we still have morals and a conscience and respect for law.

    Also we respect the JW’s right to their beliefs and logistics.

    If the owner of the account was leaking information, that’s their decision and conscience (I’m all for leaking and whilstle blowing if necessary).

    I really don’t think you should hand out those details.

  • jdash

    You know what, actually, that is wrong. My fault. Any way to delete this topic ?

  • menrov

    I now tend to disagree. The rules to protect privacy are human or worldly rules. The WT does not accept worldly rules so why use it to protect them?

  • Teufel

    Usually i would say leak all the info you want, but in this case it's probably wise not to as it'll be traced back to the poor fellow.

    Even if you did, i'd be careful who i'd hand out the login details to. Dont want it shared around to just anybody.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    The night my stepping down was announced, I deleted myself as an Admin on jw.org and got 'in trouble'.

    2 Samuel 6:7 was shared with me for being presumptuous.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    LOL - really Brian? They should have deleted you as an admin prior to the announcement anyway. Did they expect you to keep doing stuff?

  • Brian J
    Brian J


    I was logged in to jw.org 1 hour before leaving to go the meeting on the night of my "no longer serving as an elder" announcement finishing up a few last minute things.

    >I hit the SUBMIT button to upload the cong field service time.

    >Entered 3 BOE recommendations for the next CO visit to consider

    >Deleted my standing order for foreign language mags

    >Deleted (er, updated) my Administrator functions to 0

    >Deleted my personal login

    >Threw my blood card in the fireplace

    Then a week later got a lecture from the CO Re: 2 Samuel 6:7 and "Uzzah" reaching for the Ark of the Covenant when it wasn't his place to do so. In reference to it not being my place to delete my Administrator privileges.

    Bunch of HORSE $HIT

  • jdash

    I wasn't planning on giving out the info to others. Just only if one would want to see what was happening, I would download a letter or

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