Hit Movies that could be made regarding Jws or other cults

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  • caves

    One I was thinking of is if a gay JW fell in love with a gay Mormon and both got shunned at the same time each in there respective religions 'cough' Cults. Both with no more family and no friends. Both with deep conscience issues ripping at the very fabric of their love.

    Another is a movie about JW paradise right after "Armageddon". Starts as dead bodies of billions are being eaten by birds and people who have died are getting resurrected. And presented with the 'truth' after being resurrected and think that its horse crap die again on the spot,only to be tossed to the birds.As the 144,000 judge from above the souls of resurrected ones.Also dealing with the apparent lack of sex resurrected ones will not be having and having a slightly different look than there first human body and coping with that. Leading up to full 'perfection' (whatever that means). Then Satan is unleashed and the majority of mankind following him willfully as they have realized that living forever has turned them into mindless robots of a selfish God. Would be intense, might wake some people up. IDK.

    Anyone have other ideas?

  • OnTheWayOut

    A movie similar to THE MASTER, about Joseph Rutherford seizing control of the Bible Students and morphing it into the cult it becomes would be a good movie.

    Maybe a 1975 movie about some family denying their child a real education because the end is coming so soon, and then of course the end wouldn't come and the story could have the aftermath where the child is now an adult and leaves that cult because of the unfulfilled promise, but he must leave behind his family who accepted blame for believing Watchtower said what they said.

  • smiddy3

    How about a movie about a couple who denied their child a blood transfusion many years ago and now having woken up to TTATT go about suing the religion because Blood fractions were not an option back then which would /could have saved their child`s life.

    A similar scenario could be about Vaccinations /organ Transplants that the J.W. religion / G.B. were dead set against in their very own publications which they can`t deny truthfully.

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