Need some advice (am I a bad person)

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  • Jayk
    A little back story. I met this women she was a coworker friend mine (found out she used to be a JW also). One night after we got to drinking, things almost heated up.. She came on to me (she leaned in and tried to kiss me) I turned her down because I knew she had a bf. The next day I brought it up and she said she didnt remember anything. (Kudos to me that could have gotten ugly quick). Fast forward a year later. We are still good friends and she is still in a relationship with the same guy. Am I a bad guy for still being friends with her even thou her bf doesn't know anything?
  • Finkelstein

    Why feel guilt if your just platonic friends ?

    She made a mistake and people who are drunk usually make mistakes.

    She may have gotten temporary emotionally enamored with you when she found out you were both involved with the JWS. at one time.

  • StarryNight9

    So... someone leaned in for a kiss (that ended up not happening) while drinking? An awkward encounter that's best forgotten by both people if there were no major revelations when discussed while totally sober. A year seems long enough to let it go... unless you have feelings for her beyond friendship.

  • Jayk
    I see what your saying. Nothing happened so nothing to feel guilty over. When I brought it up to her and she didnt remember anything. I kept most the details from her but she said she felt guilty and should tell her bf. I explained to her "you and I are friends if we wanna keep being friends and you love your bf you cant tell him" Her and I have feeling for each other he knows it. He said something about it one night. Long story but he knows I have her best interest and we are just friends. I just feel bad that he doesn't know but I guess I dont feel to guilty since I feel I did the right thing.
  • Jayk

    That kiss would have lead to more. Let's just say her tshirt was already off.

  • Finkelstein

    Then maybe she is the bad person, I've seen and had experiences with loose woman who were somehow associated with the JWS, both in and out of the Org.


  • Jayk
    In my opinion I think she is just young and doesn't know what she wants. I know personally I'm not the answer she is looking for. Her dad and brother are still witnesses from what I understand. I think her problem is the same as alot or ours here. We where so sheltered that once we broke free we weren't ready for the real world.
  • joe134cd

    Just remember if they’ll do it with you they will do it to you.

  • stillin

    I think there's more to your feelings than you are saying. Are you waiting for her? She might just like to collect admirers, not as a conscious thing but to reinforce her own sense of self-worth. Guys do that too. I'm glad I'm not in the dating scene!

  • truth_b_known



    These are subjective titles imposed on people by other people who step outside of opinion based morality.

    Two consenting adult can do what the whilst with each other. Kiss her. Don't kiss her. Neither makes you any better or worse.

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