Missing Monthly Broadcast - May 2015

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  • Listener

    Youtuber Millstone Research has done a video on the fact that the May 2015 Monthly Broadcast is no longer on JW org.


    The Broadcast was presented by Lett who mentions he had the backing of the other GB members regarding his comments.

    The Broadcast is basically about soliciting JWs for funds as well as other 'valuable things' for the organisation. This is the one where he claims that the money flowing out was more than the money flowing in. Also selling the properties in NY only covered expenses for a few weeks and money was needed for all their building projects.

    In the same Youtube Lett says that they have never solicited for funds or coerce followers to donate like some other religions.

    Link to Millstones video (which has been highly edited and would be very problematic to refer any JWs to.


  • TonusOH

    Bummer, that video was useful in showing how duplicitous they are. Lett was basically saying 'we never solicit donations, and if you give generously right now, we won't have to start.' Weasel words, so that they can say that they did not specifically ask for money, even though it was pretty clear what the message was.

    But it's also funny if they have permanently removed it, since that makes me think it has not aged well and is something of an embarrassment for them. Or maybe it's the opposite, and they want to upload a new one where they ask for donations while insisting that they are not. You would not want too many of those videos in your library...

  • slimboyfat

    Interesting, and perhaps an example of the Streisand effect that their taking down the video draws even more attention to it.

  • FFGhost

    It continues to astonish me (well maybe by now it shouldn’t) how utterly bone-brained they can be.

    Anyone with the intelligence that God gave gravel understands that anything posted on the internet is there forever. Merely deleting something from your own site, especially something controversial, is the electronic version of standing on your rooftop waving your arms and yelling “Hey, everybody, look at me! I’m not standing on my rooftop waving my arms and yelling!”


  • keinlezard


    On the french part of jw dot org , all video before may vanished

    But ... I recorded on 2015 this video !

    If french people here want it :) , I can share it

    Best Regards

  • keinlezard
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The locals just made a big contribution to keep the local cash on hand under the limit. No mention of needing maintenance in the near future. Always a one way street

    I may reduce the amount my wife donates--all local.

  • ThomasMore

    Since their is no annual financial disclosure for the public to see, we can only observe that KHs are being sold and all money is going back to the Branch. However - if Lett meant that they are paying more than they are getting due to settlement of CSA cases, he may actually be correct,

  • waton

    wt changing their publishing history is an old fact, yearly bound volumes often differed from the original printed copy. In science (which wt writers compare their bible research compare too, sjust one instance like that would sink your career, or tacking boat.

  • Listener

    Something unusual is going on.

    The following Monthly Broadcast video's have also been removed -

    July, 2020

    August, 2020

    September, 2020

    July, 2021

    August, 2021

    July, 2022

    August 2022

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