Watchtower April 2016 Neutrality

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    Suppose that a popular uprising tries to oust an oppressive regime, one under which God’s people have also suffered. Although we would not march with the protesters, might we be with them in spirit? (Eph. 2:2) We must remain neutral not only in our words and actions but also in our heart.

    It's wrong to even hope that another country such as America may help to reduce the suffering many experience through ISIS.

    During the discussion, remain strictly neutral on the political aspects of these topics. We take no position regarding what laws should be enacted, repealed or changed and we do not pressure others to agree with our view, we take no position regarding what laws should be enacted, repealed, or changed and we do not pressure others to agree with our view.

    They used the example of abortion and same sex marriage but this is a general principle.

    Their is so much in their submission that they presented to the Royal Commission in Australia that contradicts this stand. They even went as far as telling the Government that it would be helpful to them if mandatory reporting was made law.

    At the beginning of the article they said that they need to be respectful and submissive of the Government, neither of these were demonstrated in their submission. They even went as far as belittling employees of the Governments RC.

    Morris the Third (and according to him, so did his wife) had a lot to say about the new gay marriage laws being introduced in Ireland. What a fine example the GB member set.

    How can we tell if undue pride is taking root in us? Suppose a brother or sister from another land offered you a suggestion. Would you reject it, immediately thinking, 'We do things better around here? Instead, we should apply the inspired counsel: "With humility consider others superior to you - Phil 2:3

    I don't get this and wonder why they have stated it.

    Are Bro's. and Sisters in other Countries superior to them?

    It's a stupid comment, it's quite possible that things are better in that person's own Country and it's not prideful to say so, it's common sense. They would be mad to accept a suggestion from anyone in another country if it was stupid.

    Overall, the message is - sit back and observe only everything you see and just accept whatever happens. Don't say a word about it or even hope that Governments may be able to alleviate some of the problems

  • nicolaou

    Neutral eh? When selling up in Brooklyn was anywhere else in the world considered for the new HQ other than America?

    How about the African continent or Asia? Why not the Arab states or Russia and it's satellites? No, of course not. They're not neutral at all, they want a country with political and economic stability and religious freedoms guaranteed by law. And quite right too.

    So why not Europe or Australia? Because they are most definitely not neutral. They are U.S centric and always have been.

    So they moved from Brooklyn NY to Warwick NY.

    What vision . . .

  • talesin
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Would neutrality principle also keep them from sitting down with governments to try to influence their policies?

    I never joined a labor union, as they are (sometimes) trying to influence government policy...aka politics.

    And these morons just sign up as members of intergovernmental orgs.

    And no, OSCE does not give out library passes....

  • eyeuse2badub


    Neutral eh? When selling up in Brooklyn was anywhere else in the world considered for the new HQ other than America?

    You're right! JW's is an American religion, born and raised. Recently, in order to be "politically" correct, the borg has brought in or 'promoted' some upper level personnel from other countries. But for the most part, the borg is historically white, american, balding old men.

    just saying!


  • ttdtt
    I would have been TOTAL NEUTRAL when it came to Hitler Stalin and Mussolini. We should not go against the Higher authorities. Right? Like we would never as an organization send letters of protest to Hitler - or ask the friends to pray that he stops, or publicly denounce him.... right?
  • Clambake

    Someone will always do the heavy lifting. I guess freedom really is free.


  • Clambake

    Aren't these Fuckers always in court when it comes to something involving the WTS but won't stop to piss on a syrian rufugees.

    Oh, these guys are so full of shit.


  • Listener

    Other crazy statements from the April, 2016 Watchtower include

    In addition, since 1914, human governments have become rivals to God’s Kingdom, which will soon execute judgment on the nations by destroying them.—

    What evidence is there that Governments became rivals in 1914 and on what date? How is it that they were never rivals before 1914?

    help you to be specific in your prayers. It includes links to lists of Witnesses currently imprisoned for their faith. Pick some names,and pray that such ones courageously maintain their integrity

    Now they are being told to pray for individuals by name, people they do not know at all. Because their name is listed on the official JW website they can pray for them.

  • stuckinarut2

    What hypocrisy!

    How about the officially sanctioned flying of national flags at Kingdom Halls in Chile because the govt requires it?

    What about the officially sanctioned directions from the GB to write to the govts in Malawi during the persecution?

    What about the fact that the org were members of the UnitedNations?

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