A few questions I need help with please.

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  • Pallbearer

    Howdy folks!

    I've been away from the Watchtower for a long, long time now and I've got a few questions that I'd appreciate some help with.

    1)Back when I was active there was the position called "Presiding Overseer". Has that title changed? If so, what is it now called? I understand that there is now a "Body of Elders". Does one them serve as the "Presiding Overseer"?

    2) I remember that a number of years ago a certain Watchtower magazine saying that "Suggestions for improvement are proper." What I'd like to know is, if a person wanted to offer such a suggestion WHO specifically should it be addressed to? Would it simply be addressed to the Watchtower Society? Or, should it be addressed to the Governing Body? Or, to the Writing Department? Also, what physical address would that be? Should it be sent to Brooklyn, or where?

    Thanks in advance.


  • LostGeneration

    1. They are now called the CBOE, Coordinator of the Body of Elders. Because a Coordinator wouldn't Preside over others, right?

    2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, I've never heard of such a thing, in fact it continues to be a theme of "Listen, Obey, and be Blessed". They don't need or want suggestions from the underlings, because they know it all.

  • Divergent
    If they really were genuine about accepting suggestions, they could have easily published an e-mail address for that purpose. It makes no sense for them to publicise their website but not even give out an e-mail address! Letter writing is so out of date!
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    1) The presiding overseer position still exists but it has been renamed as "Coordinator of the Body of elders". Most JWs would just say "Coordinator" for short or pronounce the acronym CoBE.

    2) I don't think that Watchtower takes too kindly to any suggestions for improvement or correction from rank and file publishers. But if you insist on having yourself put under scrutiny by the elders in your congregation and getting yourself thought of as being prideful, murmuring, presumptuous, spiritually weak, etc, the address to use is the address of the New York headquarters. You can probably find that address on their website in the Contact us section or on the inside cover of a year book.

  • Pallbearer

    Thanks again folks for your responses.

    LostGeneration, you said: "Seriously I've never heard of such a thing [as the Watchtower saying "Suggestions for improvement are proper"].
    I located where that is found. Here is part of what was said:
    “At times, some bring to the attention of the ‘slave’ class various doctrinal or organizational matters that they feel ought to be revised. Certainly, suggestions for improvement are proper, as are inquiries for clarification…." W82 6/1, p. 20.
    Okay, so what used to be called "Presiding Overseer" is now called "Coordinator of the Body of Elders". Now I'm wondering if perhaps the Governing Body also has a "Coordinator". Do they have a "Coordinator of the Governing Body"?

  • LostGeneration

    That's an interesting find! Printed right after the whole "apostasy" scare at HQ as well, so maybe it was to calm the troops down a bit and promote a bit of a supposed open door policy. For perspective, here is current light:


    They don't want to be bothered with your stupid questions is the basic summary.

    I do believe they rotate the "chairperson" each year on the GB, but can't recall where I read/heard that.

  • Wild_Thing

    Much has changed. If it weren't for the high level of control and demand for loyalty from their members, it would hardly be recognizable from the religion it once was.

    If you have been away that long ... you should look like JW tv. They make this horrible cartoon now to brainwash their kids. It's weird.

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