This Year's "Love" Conventions -- The JW Version of "Love-In"

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Reports from the locals who attending the recent "Love Never Fails" convention reported little-to-no references to the more brutal JW doctrines, i.e. no mentions of the blood ban, no mothers refusing to take phone calls from her estranged daughter, no bunkers, etc.... just lots of "warm and fuzzy" videos featuring loads of hugging and tears at places across the globe.

    Are they getting soft?

  • blondie

    No perhaps more PR savvy considering the negative news about child abuse in the WTS organization.

    The WTS legal arm may be realizing how WTS public events are seen by non-jws rather than seeing the lala land jws think they are in.

    Money may be talking too, and the secular legal system may be too with public information like that being available to them.

  • Gorbatchov

    Room215 it was a nice and warm convention, GB Jackson and vd Selm were nice, had humor and their message was soft and gentle.


  • ToesUp
    ToesUp Blondie said...."it's a PR move." Watchtower is getting a lot of bad press and all you have to do is Google "Jehovahs Witnesses" and you will find out why. All the child abuse scandals and the shunning are making the cult look even cultier. They want to show the public how "loving" they are. We all know different, don't we?

  • Humphry

    Those previous conventions were a big embarrassment when shown on YouTube or other media especially with narrative commentary, those bunker videos really gave the Watchtower Corporation a sinister cult look that play heavily on fear to keep the member obedient when viewed by a worldy unindoctrinated audience and no doubt scared away a lot of new bible studies.

    They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar (and shit gets the most flies).

  • Cadellin

    It's become (or trying to become) a charismatic religion, all about how you feel, which was exactly the kind of strategy that the WT derided back in the 80's (when I was pioneering). Forget "new light," --it's all about "WT-lite."

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Teach people how to wash hands, brush teeth. Didnt provide soap or toothbrushes though. I am glad there was no international close, I dont think I could stand the hype

  • LV101
    They have a long road ahead of 'em to learn about love, kindness, goodness. WT is the antithesis of mainstream Christianity.
  • pale.emperor

    It it doesn't splinter off into another cult it'll dwindle into just another happy-clappy, hand waving in the air while singing songs, televangelist cult.

    Or they'll dish out the kool-aid.

    I'm hoping it's the second option.

  • LV101

    I don't care what they do but hope they let go of the crazy and not kill (blood doctrines) or destroy/hurt any more children/adults/their families/dogs/whatever. Very destructive and dangerous cult!!

    I hope the word spreads like fire about them and the nickel-chemical high rises they imbibe in are turned into homeless shelters - I'd contribute once confirmed toxic waste removed including the 8 Goons.

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