A little rant about prayer

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  • BourneIdentity

    Is God responsible for every good thing that happens in your life? I ask this because a brother gave a talk several weeks ago and said that. He said when anything positive happens, we must not assume it was by mere coincidence, but we have to have 100% confidence that Jehovah cares for us and was involved.

    However, people complain that Jehovah doesn’t answer their prayers and are told you have to keep asking, you need to show him you really want it bad. With that logic, since I don’t pray about stuff and good things happen, is he helping me even though I’m not asking for help?

    There are other JWs that move where the need is greater and say it was so obvious that Jehovah directed them there. Yet, any of them could be killed in a car accident, get cancer or swept away in a tsunami. These things happen. Why would Jehovah direct them to be in a position to preach to people in far away lands, only to offer no protection that results in their death?

    People say you need to work along with your prayers. If you want a Bible study, you have to work in line with it and go looking. If you want a job that supports you to pioneer, you have to search and work along with your prayers. What it all boils down to is you have to make it happen, Jehovah can’t do anything without you taking action.

    I think it’s easy to conclude that life is full of good things as well as shit happens. There is no chance a God could even be concerned about what happens in our everyday lives. For some JWs to credit Jehovah with all good things that happen and Satan with all bad things is utterly ridiculous.

  • Tenacious

    This brother HAD to credit God to keep on encouraging their little false kingdom.

    Of course, when something bad happens then they'll blame Satan and how God must allow it to play out.

    They want it both ways and it doesn't work that way. While I respect your belief in no longer believing in God, everything that happens God is the ultimate cause. What I mean by that is God allows Satan to do certain things (think Job, Joseph, etc.) in order to have certain outcomes. How he can allow a baby to drown, a woman to be raped or tortured, or children be hacked to death, is all within his sphere of looking down the corridor of time in terms of thousands of years and a final outcome. I'm not agreeing but as a person of faith I have to believe that while these people suffered God is fully aware and the finality of these events are written in their ultimate destination. God bless.

  • smiddy3

    As the Bible says SATAN is the God of this system of things .

    So maybe just maybe people are saying their prayers to the wrong GOD.

    Just saying.

  • waton

    The universe is governed by laws, it has not been demonstrated* that these laws were ever suspended to favour any particular party (the story of Joshua stopping the rotation of the Earth notwithstanding)

    so, study the laws and make them work in your favour. Favours happen to the prepared.

    * demons-trated by satan's worldly sceptics. -- kidding of course.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Biblically, God will answer all prayers when "the god of this system of things" reign is removed and replaced by Christ's rulership.

    Does God answer any prayers for less pain, more money, new job, more food, a better home, etc? Nope!

    Sorry to disagree with Elder Stab-in-the-back in my previous congregation, but the local council was not divinely influenced by God to give you and your Mrs. a nice little bungalow after you prayed for it.

    Attributing events which are the result of personal endeavour, happen-stance or serendipity to the results of prayer, is effectively declaring yourself to be more favoured by God than others who pray - but receive nothing!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    One of my pet peaves. I know of ones who pray about what to do about a faulty appliance and Jehovah gives them the idea to ring the manufacturer! Praise be!!

    They pray about feeling too sick to go shopping and then Jehovah sends them a friend with groceries.

    They believe Jehovah gave them all green lights on a trip home in peak hour and they didn't even have to pray about that.

    It makes me so cross that they are arrogant enough to believe he will answer such prayers and not the prayer of others with actual problems - children experiencing abuse for example.

  • ShirleyW
    They pray about feeling too sick to go shopping and then Jehovah sends them a friend with groceries.

    Reminds me of a story back in the 70's when a young sister in our cong went to help where "the need was great", she and her roommates were down to their last dollar and couldn't decide to get gas for the car to go to the mtg of course or buy food, they went to the mtg, so of course the next day guess what appeared on their porch, a basket full of food !! Funny thing is, somebody here posted a story like this a while ago too, so either they know this sister or one of her roommates or the story is one of those JW fantasy (as in false story, a lie) blessings.

  • BourneIdentity

    As moreconfusedthanever said, how come God doesn't answer the prayers of all the children being molested? Does he just let years go by so he can test out their endurance and faith in him? Another thing I find ironic is expressing our thanks to God for the meal we have in front of us or the roof over our head. What about the homeless people that pray for a better life? What about all the millions of people starving across the globe that pray for help? Does God just not care about them? Do they have a bunch of secret sins they're hiding? I have concluded some are just more fortunate than others, it has nothing to do with God blessing you.

  • cofty

    An old Polish bro in one of my previous congregations told me about his son who was a JW and a TV aerial engineer. He said that work was slow and Richard needed money to support his family so he prayed to Jehovah.

    "That night Jehovah sent a big wind and blew down lots of aerials and Richard have plenty work".

    It did occur to me that it wasn't such great news for all the poor people with repair bills but hey.

    Confirmation bias at its finest.

  • ShirleyW
    "That night Jehovah sent a big wind and blew down lots of aerials and Richard have plenty work".

    That's one of the best Dub stories I've heard yet, the Polish brother forget to add that since Jehovah is such a loving God he blew down the aerials of only the worldly people and not any JWs.

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