Peaceful Revolution in Romania and Taxing Religions

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  • cookiemaster
    Some of you might know I'm from Romania. Some of you might have also heard about that terrible club fire that killed 32 people and injured hundreds. The whole thing happened because the club owners bought the officials to allow them to operate even though the location was a fire hazard. Anyway, this event has triggered nation wide protests. It was a tipping point which prompted people to start fighting fiercely against corruption of all kinds and many social issues.

    The prime minister and the government have resigned. One of the most powerful backlashes has been against religion though, especially the Christian Orthodox Church which has used government money to build a 400 million Euro cathedral. There are protests against religion's corruption all over the country and people are asking for the future government not only to stop offering any funds to religions, but also to start taxing them heavily. So, if this wish comes true, JWs will have to deal not only with anti-religious sentiment among the people, but also with their revenues being taxed.

    This is a small country and they only have about 40,000 members here, but even if they only lose a few hundred thousand Euro, it will awesome! Another financial blow to them. Blow after blow, the financial burden is pilling up into a tower, and there's not going to be enough begging to save them in the end (I hope.
  • Simon

    They will be spiriting any non-fixed assets & funds they have out of the country to leave a worthless shell behind.

    Anytime there is a whiff that they may have to pay some taxes they immediately evacuate.

    Funny how the "spread the message in all the inhabited earth" mantra suddenly takes a back seat when money is involved.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Taxing on religion. Could never be too soon.
  • Syme

    Just read about the tragedy in your country cookiemaster.

    I'm from Europe as well, not too far from your place. Hope something good comes out of this tragic event.

    Corruption has many faces. Churches that reap wealth, not paying anything back, while their country is in a dire situation and citizens pay higher taxes every year, is a form of injustice; it's a form of corruption on its own.

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