chelmsford progress

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Is it just possible that there is a legacy of the legal entity IBSA at work?

    The name at the British Branch HQ Mill Hill was "IBSA" at the 1990 (ish) development as I remember, and not "Watchtower".

    Could this have to do with the old name for the WT giving certain financial privileges to the subsequent holders to the title or non-profit 'shareholders'. Or for that matter was profit involved and hence the need to keep alive the old name? I am without insider knowledge and only ask so as to explore every avenue.

    Whatever! Chelmsford's earlier ambitions are surely now sunk and the need for the development is redundant. Watchtower hype is always a dud.

    The upper echelon of bethel oldies are given an earthly reward of a retirement flat within the compound. But I guess the org will not loose out investing as they and all religions do by putting their true valuables in bricks and mortar.

  • dozy

    Everything is luxurious , way over the top.

    Why do they need such an advanced health spa, swimming pools and saunas, even a steem room. All going to be run be volunteers.

    They don't really. If they really believed Armageddon was so imminent , it would just be a functional basic building project. Putting features like this on the project just makes the re-sale value better in 20 years time.

  • DomineIvimus-DI

    Perhaps it will end up like the hospital in “Yes Minister” - staffed with people doing nothing except looking after the building

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