Noah 'warning the people'

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  • Simon

    Yeah, what sort of warning is it when you have a god-powered miracle-boat and no space for extra passengers?

    Another explanation is that none of it happened. Surely not.

  • pale.emperor

    Just for the JW lurkers... checkout which has many translations (including the original greek) which states:

    "And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will be the coming of the Son of Man."

    Pretty hard to "be oblivious" if you've you've been warned isn't it? The Greek word "
    ἔγνωσαν" translates as "understood":

    Yes, your god YHWH is a murderer who drowned people who had no idea what or why it was happening.

    Preacher of righteousness my ass.

  • mann377

    I think there is more detail in the Sumerian text. It's the part where god shuts the door to the ark and Noah goes to the top rail of the ark and looks down on the people and says "So long suckers, and you thought the correspondence boat building course I took was a waste of time".

  • Billzfan23

    Not only that, if EVERYONE would have listened to Noah, the dimensions of the Ark would not have held all of those people. This means that in the dumb-ass beliefs of Christians, their God either had a hunch that NOBODY would listen, so make the ark just small enough for 8 souls and a bunch of animals and NO other people, or how about this concept - belief in the account of the flood and even Noah's existence is RIDICULOUS!

    How about this? Thousands of years after the so called "Noah's Flood" - The longest wooden ships were about 300 feet, and these required reinforcing with iron straps and leak so badly they had to be constantly pumped. The ark was 450 feet long according to Genesis chapter 6. Could an ark that size be made seaworthy - especially as the first vessel ever created. It didn't even freaking rain until the day it started to rain on Noah - you JDUB imbeciles!

    Some, like sloths and penguins, can't travel overland very well at all.

    Some, like koalas and many insects, require a special diet. How did they bring it along?

    Some cave-dwelling arthropods can't survive in less than 100% relative humidity.

    Some, like dodos, must have lived on islands. If they didn't, they would have been easy prey for other animals. When mainland species like rats or pigs are introduced to islands, they drive many indigenous species to extinction. Those species would not have been able to survive such competition if they lived where mainland species could get at them before the Flood.

    Sooooo dumb. Can't believe I ever fell for that crap as literal truth.

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