December 28, 2016 BOE Re: One Study Edition of The Watchtower in Languages Other Than English

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  • freddo

    Conductor: "So let's look at paragraph one and ask the question. Who lives in the sky?"

    Kid of three: "Jeeehovah!

    Conductor: "Well done! Next paragraph."

    Reader: "So Jehovah lives in the Sky. Now who does he use to look after the Earth today? Yes. The Governing Body! Aren't we happy that he does? Because He is "The Happy God!" And to make Him happier we obey the Governing Body."

    Conductor: "Paragraph Two. Who does Jehovah use on the Earth and why should we obey them ... hang on I'll split that into two questions to make it easier ..."

  • sparrowdown

    Question from every paragragh: "Who knows the purpose of the boxes that are situated at the rear of the KH?"

    Brother Believer : "Oo oo, I know, suggestion boxes."

    Audience : Turns around to give Brother Believer a dirty look.

    Conductor : " It's a difficult question but would someone else like to answer?"

    Sister Soohia (6yrs old) : "They are the boxes that eat my icecream money giggle."

    Audience: " chuckle chuckle" head bob, look around.

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