WT Society Creates the Atmosphere which Spawns Child Abuse in Congregations

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  • flipper

    Been thinking about this lately after almost 14 years out of the JW cult myself. When you think of the language used within the Jehovah's Witness organization in such a closed society environment in how the WT Society promotes almost absolute " trust " in the elders , the Governing body, and trust even in the " friends " in the congregation themselves- is it any wonder that unscrupulous child molesters can enter any congregation pretending to be " spiritual " and take advantage of unsuspecting children OR the parents ?

    Think about it : An individual is judged as a " spiritual " person within the JW organization based on what WT functions or duties they are good at performing. If you raise your hand and answer at meetings, you're " spiritual " . If you faithfully give talks on the platform you are " spiritual " . If you pioneer - you are " spiritual " . Turn your time in at the end of the month - you are considered " spiritual " . In the WT Society's view - a person is considered " spiritual " only because of obeying by performing WT Society functions that benefit the WT Society. " Spirituality " is not determined by how kind, empathetic, loving, just, mild, or good a person is within or by their personality inside- it's the OUTSIDE performing of WT functions that makes a person " good " .

    So a man can become an elder by getting field service time in, commenting, giving talks- yet still beat the crap out of his wife in privacy at home or molest his children or other children in the congregation as long as he keeps it hidden - all the while performing these WT functions which outwardly make him look like a " saint " . He might not even be nice in his personality. Or he may be a charmer. Yet either way keeping up a good " front " . Meanwhile rank & file " brothers & sisters " in the congregation may look at such a person as an " example " even letting their children play with this elders children in both homes of the families. So no one suspects a thing- until an explosion of criminal child abuse happens- then all hell breaks loose.

    Think of the loaded language that fosters this view within Jehovah's Witnesses that make them think that they are " better " or more " special " than anybody else in the world - which leads to TOO much trust within the congregation. Language such as : " WE are a people for special possession " , " Jehovah's chosen servants " , " our brothers & sisters " , " Jehovah's people identified by the love we have among ourselves " , " only we have the truth " , " avoid worldly people " , " the safe confines of our spiritual paradise " . You get the point. JW's are indoctrinated to ONLY trust fellow JW's. Like a frog in a pot of boiling water - JW's consider themselves " safe " . So if you get anybody coming into the congregation - a person can get newly baptized, jump through the hoops of performing WT functions and - BINGO ! They are considered " good association " and " spiritual " . Then it becomes even more dangerous once one of these predators gets appointed to a power position of elder in a congregation as other JW's are even more intimidated by the power this elder wields and possesses. So if anyone comes out with accusations of child abuse towards an elder- the JW's are trained to doubt the validity of the child abuse charges- because THEY are told " Oh no ! Brother so and so is SPIRITUAL - he wouldn't molest children - he's an elder, or a pioneer ! " You see my point. JW's minds are conditioned to trust too much and give most fellow JW's , especially elders and the GB the benefit of any doubt.

    And therein lies the danger of this WT Society mind indoctrination. And in my opinion why so much child abuse happens within the congregations. Then the WT indoctrination continues in NOT reporting child abuse first to police authorities- but insisting their elders report it to the WT legal department first. Which takes the power away from police and puts it back in the hands of WT legal and the Governing Body as to how to keep performing WT functions to handle child abuse cases. So the atmosphere of promoting child abuse keeps being protected from the top of the WT Society all the way down to every last rank & file JW in " protecting " the JW organization's " good name " and " spirituality " - while throwing sexually abused children and their parents and families under the bus. And for the sake of what ? To protect a billion $$$ corporation that wishes to extend it's 138 year existence since 1879. And most JW's are none the wiser- don't have a clue that the environment they are in is probably a hell of a lot more dangerous than the " worldly " environment they condemn.

    As always I look forward to any thoughts or ideas you have about this subject as well . Take care, have a good day. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • freemindfade

    Spot on

    I've had the "spiritual" discussion. That you can lie and put on any kind of show and be SPIRITUAL.

    The witnesses should have to post a health warning on the front of the kingdom halls like exists on cigarettes.

    WARNING: The following religion is permissive to pedophiles, and may be hazardous to your child's health.

  • fastJehu

    As a "born in" the theocratic order is another explanantion for me.

    As a Child I had to do, whatever my dad said. I could never question him.

    Theocratic order means:

    - I had to do, what daddy said -

    - daddy had to do, what the elders or the CO said -

    - CO, Branch, GB had to do, what Christ/Jehova said -

    and no one in this order was allowed to question anything.

    A difficult climate as child/parents to fight against abuse.

  • sir82


    "Spirituality" in WT-world is 100% defined by actions, 0% defined by character.

    Elders are 100% selected by actions performed in front of others, 0% based on qualities such as compassion, kindness, intelligence, generosity, empathy.....

    If I had a nickel for every time a recommendation was shot down because "Brother X is not visible enough in the ministry" I could buy Trump Tower.

    As you noted, such a, well, beyond emphasis...such a manic compulsion for quantifying "spirituality" by counting rote acts performed in front of others leads to a culture where "double lives" are exceedingly common.

    The most despicable people can find acceptance, respect, even dominance of others in the congregations.

    Thus has it ever been, thus it will ever be, as long as JWs, (and any similarly-modeled religious groups) exist.

  • Simon

    Yes, they are guilty not of the abuse (unless they knew about it and covered it up) but because they create the perfect environment for such abuse and know that they do so.

    They put protection of their own position and power and growth of the organization ahead of welfare of the children and for that they are guilty.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you totally that the JW religion creates the atmosphere for this atrocity to be covered up as well as brothers defrauding brothers and all the other terrible things Witnesses do to each other.

    Everybody there is being set up to be sheep ready for the slaughter. This isn't just figurative.

    The reason for ALL this is because the Witness religion tries to break down personal boundaries and attempts to erode people's natural instinct of self-preservation. This is done gradually.

    Yes, it was my observation (as somebody who came in as a young adult) that the religion's teachings do this and that Witnesses are like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. They have gradually gotten used to things that would be plainly unacceptable to the average intelligent person on the street.

    Once somebody is totally out of the religion and clear of all their B.S., it is very apparent. In fact, if I had to say I learned anything from being in the JW religion it would be that now I am hypersensitive to users and manipulators and can spot them a mile away.

  • Finkelstein

    In the WT Society's view - a person is considered " spiritual " only because of obeying by performing WT Society functions that benefit the WT Society. " Spirituality " is not determined by how kind, empathetic, loving, just, mild, or good a person is within or by their personality inside- it's the OUTSIDE performing of WT functions that makes a person " good " .

    Good point Flipper the WTS has made up a self supporting diagram for an individual to gain spiritual strength which usually involves spending time distributing its own literature to the public or giving dogmatic indoctrinating public talks.

    See that individual is showing steadfast devotion to Jehovah lets be in awe of them and if that person is a man, he should be a worthy prospect to be an elder.

    Ironically if people actual read the bible they would see that Jehovah wouldn't have anything to do with this corrupt false prophet/profit $ publishing house.

  • LV101

    You're right on the money, Flip.

    Amazing what gullible creatures we are. I felt so comfy with my child at the hall or the local assemblies, whatever, and one day out of the clear blue sky an elderette cornered me and told me they NEVER allow their children to sleep over at anyone's house -- she was kind of in my face kind. I never trusted witnesses enough to let my child/niece/nephew to EVER sleep over at their homes but knew there was a reason she was warning me.

  • flipper

    Thanks for the great comments and observations !

    FREEMINDFADE- Good points you make. I remember being around so many fake people in congregations who feigned being " spiritual " but inside were master manipulators of other people. And dangerous besides . And yes, there should be health warnings on kingdom hall entries - but then WT knows nobody would attend then. But you never know- with the strength of mind control- maybe JW's still would attend. LOL.

    FASTJEHU- Exactly. From the top of the organization down to the lowliest JW - people are told to obey, obey, obey . So indeed in that atmosphere it's difficult for a young JW child or parent to protect themselves as the mind indoctrination to " cooperate " or " obey " is deeply entrenched. Pretty disgusting.

    SIR 82- Extremely good points you bring out. I agree. I think it IS 100 % all about performing WT functions and 0 % about character or having good qualities. And the most dangerous part of this is what you stated, " the most despicable people can find acceptance, respect, even dominance of others in the congregations. " Precisely. One of the main reasons I posted this thread- to perhaps get lurking JW's or people sitting on the fence to think about the implications.

    SIMON- Very true. WT leaders knowingly put children in danger in order to promote position, power, growth of the organization, and financial wealth of the WT organization while throwing children's welfare to the wind. Very sick.

    LONG HAIR GAL- Good points you make my friend. WT Society cleverly and slyly breaks down a typical JW's personal boundaries to the point of as you stated, " eroding people's natural instinct of self-preservation. " Well put indeed. And most JW's don't even REALIZE their personal boundaries are being trampled on ! That's how insidious and tricky the WT deception is. Like you said as with the frog in boiling water- JW's gradually get conditioned, accustomed to this invasion of privacy - whereas most normal people in society would put the brakes on and say " wait a minute stop infringing on my rights " . I agree with you about how you can smell a user or manipulator a mile away now- I'm the same way. Very in tune to spotting it now. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS purposefully creates an illusion of religious wholesomeness and sanctity within the organization which has been noted for some of their members to take advantage of that pretentious high level social purity.

    If he or she is a brother or sister, then they are automatically approved for association.

    Even when one of their members is suspected of doing a egregiously harmful act to a child the most important concern is protecting the outside image of the organization. the act in itself is of lower concern and if the person doesn't admit to anything, they will say just leave it in Jehovah's hands.

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