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  • keinlezard

    Hi everyones,

    This Weekend the 3 days convention ...

    around 37500 jw and 265 baptized ... 0.7% :)

    and guest who was the GB speaker ?

    Far from english spoken people :) ... Anthony "tight pants" "Macallan" Morris !!

    Was he in France because french jw didn't know the whiskyGate ? ... I have no answer

    For me A.M seem very "far" from the convention ... he read his paper ... does he have memory problems ??

    The other GB menbers punish Anthony ?

    he try to place some jokes ... but all was "flat" and "annoying" ... his voice was so boring en sleepy

    Best regards

  • btlc

    Maybe he was counseled to turn down a whiskey, and now he's trying some alternatives, French cognac or so...

  • smiddy3


    265 baptised can you break it down about the ages of those dunked ? Again I think its mainly family members maybe young ones that are being pressured into getting baptised ,though that`s just a personal opinion .

    I would find it hard to believe in this day and age with the internet etc. that this number would be made up of adult converts as a result of Field service .?

  • fulano

    Right after his talk to Bordeaux, trying some chateaux...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Glad to hear of the lacklustre performance of TM3.

    What does surprise me is the fact that France is about the only European country with a slight increase in publishers......hard to account for this, immigration perhaps?

    France is the prehistory capital of the world. It is plain for French people to see that down by the Vezere river in the Perigord region there is a vast deposit of Stone Age artifacts on display. It would be extremely difficult to argue that a carving of a woolly rhino on mammoth ivory was not a contemporary product of Ice Age art. Nor would it be easy to deny the great age of the paintings of extinct animals on the walls of the vast cave systems found in the same region. (If you go there I recommend the Grotte de Rouffignac which has an underground railway running inside the cave to show you large and numerous paintings of the Palaeolithic Period)

    How on earth can French JWs close their minds to these well publicised facts being part of French patrimoine and World Heritage?

    There is no way to reconcile the Bible stories with the hard archaeological evidence for the antiquity of Homo sapiens. The Bible's account of human origins is so transparently a myth, French people should know better.

  • zeb

    I recall reading of some Neanderthal graves found in Spain. These were people buried with ritual as there were objects and items (cant recall what now) in grave with them.

    These were positively identified but the interesting thing about some of the remains was that they showed non human DNA..

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    For me A.M seem very "far" from the convention ... he read his paper ... does he have memory problems ??

    There was a video of him two or three weeks ago on the mid-week meeting. He was giving a talk but just held the script and read it. Even my wife thought he has problems. Maybe too much spirit.....


  • newsheep

    There was a french speaking Canadian couple that was leaving here to be in the assembly over there representing Canada at their international. Don't know why they had to go to France when they could have been in the circus parade here at the Toronto international. So much for carbon foot print.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    the increase is among foreign people and more and more KHs are to be sold...

  • sir82

    Morris has seemed very uncomfortable lately when delivering talks on the broadcasting thing, now a report he appeared uptight at a convention.

    He appeared far more confident and comfortable 5 or so years ago when he was condemning tight pants & "spanx" on one of the big broadcasts to all JWs.

    Not sure what has happened.

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