Brazil: Watch Tower claim raid on premises unlawful

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  • Vidiot

    In addition, it should be noted that - on the extreme end of the scale - the vast majority of authoritarian regimes throughout history have almost always chosen to crash-and-burn rather than reform or surrender to their enemies... other words...

    ...I suspect that on a subconscious level, if - in the end - it turns out that the WTS cannot win (by secular or miraculous means), or justify their claims of Divine favor...

    ...they'd rather not exist at all.

  • Corney
  • Finkelstein

    They will try legally to block any charges and if they win they will say Jehovah's spirit was the cause, if they loose they will say nothing about it and carry on.

    Its a very good time right now to be a lawyer for the WTS $$$

  • Finkelstein

    In English .....

    The lawsuit of Jehovah's Witnesses Netherlands about the alleged illegal police raid in, among others, the national headquarters in Emmen will not take place on Wednesday afternoon.

    The handling of the complaint against the Public Prosecution Service will be postponed at the request of the lawyer of the religious association. The court in Zwolle reported this on Wednesday morning to Dagblad van het Noorden. The lawyer has confirmed that.

    The raids in the head office, two Kingdom Halls and a few residences were done in November 2018 as part of investigations into alleged sexual abuse by (former) Jehovah members. They have reported sexual offenses, of which the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses has also been reported in the past. The police have taken documents.

    Sources report that the Jehovah administration believes that the search and confiscation of documents has violated what is known as the privilege of being denied by the elders of their religious organization.

    Professional secrecy applies to, for example, lawyers, doctors and a number of clergymen. They can refuse to give files or testify about what a client or patient has said based on their right of non-disclosure.

    A judge must always give permission for a search. When it comes to raids at lawyers or doctors, extra strict requirements must be met.
    Investigation interest

    The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that these stricter requirements also apply to their elders. The board is of the opinion that prior to the raids, a judge should have tested whether the interest in investigation in this case was so great that the right of non-disclosure of employees of the religious organization was allowed to give way.

    The Jehovah administration wants a court ruling on this in principle. The Public Prosecution Service has previously said that the searches focused on internal court files on eleven alleged cases of abuse, involving (former) Jehovah members. An examining magistrate has given permission for the raids. According to the OM, the searches were lawful.
    Extensive response from the Public Prosecution Service

    The case is now planned for 6 March, according to the court. According to the court, the lawyer for Jehovah's Witnesses has indicated that they need more preparation time. Counsel says that Tuesday has been requested to stay the trial. ,, We received an extensive response from the Public Prosecution Service on Tuesday afternoon. It takes more time to study it. We want to be well prepared. It is an important and serious matter. "
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.

  • smiddy3

    They will prolong it for as long as they can hoping that the Holy Spirit will put words in their mouth to defend them.

    I saw this in the video of the ARC into Institutionalised Child sexual Abuse when an Elder was put under the spotlight ,and you could just see with the pauses to his response that he was waiting for the Holy Spirit to put words in his mouth .

    And they never came..

    It was almost embarrassing to watch.

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...I saw this in the video of the ARC into Institutionalised Child sexual Abuse when an Elder was put under the spotlight ,and you could just see with the pauses to his response that he was waiting for the Holy Spirit to put words in his mouth... And they never came..."

    I definitely remember that.

    Poor fucker probably expected to sound eloquent, convincing, and sophisticated, and he ended up looking scared, mystified, and more than a little lost.


    The ARC, lol. Those poor bastards.. Who was delusional enough to send those two dingbats?? We’re the the #1 choice to represent the ORG???


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    That was the 2 best dingbats they had.

    I dont see how privileged communication can be upheld with all the sharing and outside guidance

  • lastmanstanding

    Wherever Watchtology goes, so must go also their heritage.

    When the Goon Bunch send lawyers to fight for “Clergy Penitent Privilege”, they must be met with legal professionals who have in their possession the Watchtology history of railing against the Church in regards to the actual historical Clergy’s privilege.

    The Watchtower cannot be allowed to argue FOR something that they have railed against for so long,

    Contact whomever wherever and make them know Watchtology’s ’history of hate’ against “confession” and “absolution”.

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