2019--June Announcements and Reminders and More!

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  • Atlantis

    2019 International Bible Students Branch Construction Project

    2019 Ireland Branch Construction Project

    2019-June-S-147-Announcements and Reminders

  • HiddenPimo

    Wow! Thanks Atlantis - the entire thing is about money. Sheesh remember all those great experiences they would share?

  • Atlantis


    Yes, we remember! But it seems the only "great experiences" the Watchtower is concerned about, is the experience JW's have at the contribution box.


  • blondie

    Things have never been the same financially since 1990 for the WTS, when the WTS stopped charging jws and the public for their publications, subscriptions, parking, food, etc. The predictable cash flow disappeared.

  • LV101

    I recall the early 90s - this literature non-charge model but publishers were watched at hall -- obviously for good reason/it's funny. Why did they bother to have an attendant at counter? I'm not doubting you and makes sense. I'm sure they had other ideas up their sleeve of fleecing the flock.

  • HiddenPimo

    We would pack our lunches at the assemblies because we were so poor as a family. AS soon as it went donation basis instead of the tickets it was a free for all.

    I also remember IOU's in the contribution box..

    I mean how messed up is that!!!???!!! go to meetings and go out in service and have to pay for the privilege to do so...LOL.

    And rememebr how we used to ask for voluntary donations for the world wide work and were specific that it was not for the literature because that would get into the Jimmy Swaggart scandal of non taxable funds..LOL

    It is just a large printing house that is transitioning into the real estate business. As soon as the GB all die off which is 10 years at their current ages and weights...this will all be a bad memory...

  • slimboyfat
    Is there actually any point to the “for elders eyes only” section of the letter, other than to make elders feel special? And yet now the whole world can read the elders secret messages before they do. What a blow to the ego, if they realise. Is there any other religion as secretive as JWs? It’s not even as it is very interesting information they keep secret. Scientologists, when they get to level 10 or whatever, find out that humans descend from aliens from planet Radom, or some such. JWs make it to super duper overseer level only to find out... how to exclude sisters from attendant duties at assemblies, among other fascinating information.
  • John_Carter_1912
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    All contributions collected from this box will be remitted to the branch office to offset expenses associated with this project and the many other projects that are currently under way around the globe.

    So, here is an new shiny extra box to donate money specifically towards this local project you really want to support. Then we take that money and use it to build our luxury HQ across the ocean, and pay off tens of millions in damages for child abuse victims....oooohkaay?

    What's the use of an added box for a specific purpose, if the money ends up used in exactly the same ways as the money from the existing contribution box?

  • Sanchy

    The 2 letters are dated 2016

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