Pa. authorities charge 5 more in probe of child sex abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • AndersonsInfo

    What to Know

    • A Pennsylvania grand jury investigating child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses has charged another five people with raping or molesting children as young as 4 years old.
    • The indictments Friday are the latest charges in an ongoing probe that has identified 14 suspects.
    • State Attorney General Michelle Henry says that while the misconduct dates back years or even decades, “the trauma endures for these victims.”
  • ThomasMore

    "“I hope elders are arrested who knew about child abuse and covered it up and then it happened again,” said Haugh, who testified to the grand jury about the church’s structure and about his own daughter’s abuse within a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation."

    When JW elders chose not to contact the police, it is almost a certainty that the abuser found a new victim. This is typical behavior for pedophiles. WTC knows this as they toss a word salad dancing around their moral obligation to report.

    The average JW doesn't feel that the problem is that serious, some even denying that they even have a problem at all. I have heard elders say that children often seduce men into sexual situations.

    I know of a former elder who molested his daughters and went to prison. The elders did not report him, his daughters did. An elder on his judicial committee told me that they would reinstate him if circumstances allowed. I was speechless.

    This is a religion that just does not get it. There is no reform for them, no change of behavior or new attitude emerging, no accountability for the lives that have been destroyed. As more cases are settled out of court with silence clauses, JWs play the persecution card. The catholics did not do that. Their Pope openly admits that they had/have a problem and that many children were hurt. JWs admit NOTHING - until they do, the problem will continue.

    This Summer, they will have their conventions and NEVER mention the ongoing problem of CSA. Parents be aware,, JWs cannot be entrusted with the care of children as a group.

  • FedUpJW
    The average JW doesn't feel that the problem is that serious, some even denying that they even have a problem at all.

    In the area I live I just heard a circuit overseer say that "ALL accusations of child sexual abuse perpetrated by a Jehovah's Witness is nothing other than a Satanic inspired apostate lie. Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT abuse children!"

    I did not hear this second hand, I heard it personally. I personally know a forty year old ex JW woman who was abused from the time she was four until she was in her teens while her JW mother looked the other way, elders said "wait on Jehovah", and others of her family members accused her of lying. What that circuit overseer said was in response to my letting him know of that particular incident.

  • Vidiot

    Wow… usually it’s all weasel words meant to lead the rank-and-file to come to that conclusion themselves.

    Ten bucks says he went a bit off-script, there… maybe you touched a nerve?


  • Vidiot

    Personally, I’ve come to suspect that JW loyalists who vehemently deny there’s a problem are the same kind of loyalists who are disproportionately hostile towards “apostates”.

    They’re not freaking out because they think the accusations are wrong…

    …they’re on the warpath ‘cause they’re afraid the accusations are true.

  • Balaamsass2

    Thanks for keeping up on this Andersons Info!

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    'Child sexual abuse in particular is a twisted act of evil.'

    It's such a 'twisted act of evil' we keep quiet and warn no one.

    'The Jehovah’s Witnesses U.S. branch emailed a statement saying it was not permitted to comment on specific grand jury investigations but added,

    “The news of someone being sexually abused, whether a child or an adult, sickens us.

    Child sexual abuse in particular is a twisted act of evil.

    That is why, for decades, Jehovah’s Witnesses have gone to great lengths to educate and warn parents through our publications, meetings, and website about how to protect their children in a variety of circumstances.

    We also are quick to support and offer pastoral care to those affected, while working to ensure that unrepentant perpetrators are removed from the congregation. Anyone who has been victimized has the full support of the congregation to report the matter to the authorities.”

  • WingCommander

    I'm in Pennsylvania. South-Cental PA. Yorkana, Red Lion are over-flowing at the brim with child sexual abuse going back DECADES.

    The Sarah Brooks case was particularly close to home for me. These cases? The tip of the iceberg. I've know of some personally that would turn your guts!

  • Vidiot
  • Vidiot

    You know, it occurs to me that this might’ve gone a different way if the Org hadn’t so stringently demonized the secular world for the past hundred-odd years.

    They made absolutely no “friends in high places” to come to bat for them if and when they ever got in trouble.

    Jeezus, even nutjobs like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell saw the practical value in that.

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