Funeral plan ?

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  • Chook

    To all you Young and old alike what would you have as a farewell party from this earth , would you party with friends months before or would you go out quietly and rather have input into the wake. I have heard of these duck hunters who put their ashes in shotgun shells.

  • jaydee

    don't know about you Chook,

    but I'm living forever...apparently

    she told me so.....

    Image result for you can live forever in paradise on earth

  • Magnum

    I have thought about this a lot. No funeral for me. I lost contact with most of my old non-JW friends, and JWdom consumed my life. My JW acquaintances don't understand me and think I'm wrong; I wouldn't want condescending, self-righteous JWs to be at a funeral for me.

    I want to go up into the mountains where it's cool and the sky is clear and die alone.

  • waton

    No wt propaganda at my funeral, not having a glory seeking elder shine and, stealing the show. have seen celebrations of life in the neighborhood, live music, passing photos, viewing videos, having food, a drink. earth burial in an already ready casket. or?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, a celebration of life where ANYONE WHO WISHES can speak, sing a song, cry, laugh, be a little irreverent, . . .

    Not ever going to happen at a Kingdom Hall.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We got policies that we pay every month until they are paid off - if one or both die before it's completely paid, the company makes no further claim, just provides the service for whatever money they got.

    The body will be picked up from home/hospital, no embalming, just straight into cardboard coffin and then directly into the furnace. I paid for extra copies of the death certs, for the executor's convenience. A sturdy bag will have the ashes if either daughter wants to get them.

    They want extra money for everything you get, so I didn't order any announcement in the paper. Heck, that cardboard coffin is $124!

    It does bring a lot of peace of mind to have it arranged that way. Neither one of us wants to interrupt traffic with a procession or interfere with anyone's life by having a funeral, sitting there sobbing and mourning the spouse in front of a bunch of people who can't do a thing to help. Those things have irritated us no end, LOL!

    Who was that quote from, I can't remember but it's funny: I didn't go to your funeral, so you don't have to come to mine.

    I've just had it with all the conventions and traditions designed by somebody, and all we know is we HAVE to follow them or else we're not good people. PHOOEY on that. I remember this one jw woman, she loved going to memorials, wouldn't miss one. She thought I was terrible for hating to go, and criticizing the barbaric customs attached to the whole ordeal. She said, "It's for the family and friends, to provide closure!" I said, "It's not up to me to provide their closure, let um git their own closure."


    Yes, a celebration of life where ANYONE WHO WISHES can speak, sing a song, cry, laugh, be a little irreverent, . . .

    Not ever going to happen at a Kingdom Hall.....CoCo

    I`m with CoCo!.....A Celebration of Life..

    I`d rather be dead, than have my funeral at a Kingdom Hall.

  • Etude

    Yes! Definitely a plan: A big-assed party! Not a funeral. Unless it's like a New Orleans funeral. I want a remembrance where people are free to say what they loved about me and what pissed them off about me. Don't hold back and don't expect repercussions. What people felt about me is real, good or bad. I would hope that the good mentioned is enough to offset the negative. I want music...lots of music. If you feel like dancing, dance away. If I have sufficient money left, I'll leave enough to rent the venue and pay for the food and drinks and a DJ. That's my last hurrah! I don't expect to be a conscious part of this universe anymore. If my JW family wants to show up, they're welcome to join in with the others, in the terms I've described. No religious speeches or Bible quoting allowed. But if they feel that's essential (I don't to completely restrict them) and and they declare it ahead of the event (they would have to), then someone gets to read all about what I think of that sick organization FIRST! Let them follow with their feeble explanations. Otherwise, no one needs to hear my last "beef" on the JW. After that, let the party begin!


  • NewYork44M

    Here is an interesting article and podcast about planning the perfect death.Ā®ion=top-news&module=second-column-region&clickSource=story-heading&WT.nav=top-news&action=click

    If you knew you were going to die, how much control over this last phase of your live do you want to control?

  • BluesBrother

    My funeral? Who cares? Nobody will want to come anyway.

    It is all well and good having my own wishes for it but I won't be there. There will be this 'stiff' in a coffin but " me" my cognitive self will have long departed ...."shuffled off this mortal coil".

    I contend that funerals are for the benefit of the living, so if the literal one or two family want say whatever they wish be it. I will be at rest.

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