What is the current policy on blood?

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  • stillin

    Has there been anything recent? The last I knew, certain fractions were considered a conscience matter. Blood derived vaccinations were cleared, saying that the blood part has been removed. Some of the alternative expanders were named so that Witnesses could feel informed.

    But that was several years ago. Do they not bring it up anymore?

    Has it gotten to the "don't ask, don't tell" stage?

    My wife hasn't come up with a new Blood card lately. That was an annual thing.

  • sir82

    Nothing new for at least 10-15 years.

    The "annual blood card update" was done away with about 15 years ago, at least in the US. Now you fill out a "durable power of attorney" card, with "no blood transfusion" instructions on it. It is good indefinitely, or at least until you move to a different state. I imagine it is similar in other countries.

  • Giordano

    Actually we should call the Blood card what it really is......... a suicide note.

    Apart from that......... no changes in the belief. And if any change is made don't assume you will be told about it. They never did publicly announce that the ban on transplants was lifted back in the 1970s.

    A lack of a BT is still killing off JW's. However as the faith weakens I imagine people are no longer so anxious to avoid a life saving blood transfusion. Privacy laws can protect a private decision re blood.

    Why in the world would you accept the reasoning of the WTBTS which continually paints itself into a corner? For the most part we ex JW's just shake our heads at how dumb we once were. Or maybe more to the point how reckless the Society was and still is.

    At this point in time the WT legal department is probably in control of this ridiculous and terrible belief. Based on how they have mishandled the Pedophile issue they can't lift the ban on blood without a ton of death certificates floating down on them. Their job is to keep the Society out of court not to help save lives.

    We lost two close family members my sister (at age 43) and my Mother-in-law at 68. Where blood would/could have made a difference.

    As far as this all started in the late 1940's there was no blood free major surgery available. It wasn't available in the late 1980's either when I had my open heart surgery.

    You know their followers went from being simple Bible Students to followers of under educated and dangerous overseers.

    What's the death toll Watchtower? You have the ability to count every hour spent in the ministry, keep track of every congregation, You know who has been DF or DA but you don't want to know how many JW's died needlessly?

  • stillin

    I wonder whether this will be one of the things that they don't talk about so that it just goes away. Remember when you would constantly meet people out in the D-D service that would say "you are the ones that won't take blood, aren't you? And we would be loaded for bear with a barrage of scriptures.

    10-15 years and all there is is silence. How important can it be?

  • Vidiot
    stillin - "What is the current policy on blood?"

    Back in the late 90s, there were hints that the Org was gonna ease up on their stance, but then 9-11 happened, and Old Man Jaracz (may he burn in Hell) used it to leverage virtually all the moderates and progressives out of WTHQ...

    ...and they've been pretty much doubling down on it ever since, particularly whenever they're perceived (by the R&F) to be criticized or pressured by "Satan's World" or "apostates".

  • stillin

    Vidiot, I am aware that the HLC's are still there and if you are facing any sort of major surgery, you are advised to get in contact with them. When you do, they undermine your confidence in your own Doctor and try to persuade you to see their highly-favored bloodless doctor. From what I have heard, they are kind of heavy-handed about it. The average sheep is herded along and some Doctor, somewhere, has a nice gravy-train of patients all thanks to "the arrangement."

  • Giordano

    The HLC's hmmm............Those Brother's who are sharing their limited medical understanding of blood and scripture...........could easily be the guys who will be washing the hospital windows a week later.

    Just saying.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    I’m in my early 20’s and raised in the “Truth” but still have family and friends that are die-hard Jws. The truth is even they have no idea what the current blood policy is including the elders in my former congregation. My father used to be an elder and he admits he had no idea what the blood policy was until I showed him.

    If you go to the official Watchtower site, scroll down to;

    Medical Information for Clinicians and click

    Then click on “Bioethics and Law”

    Then Click on “view Downloads”

    Then Click on “Religious and Ethical position on medical Therapy and related matters

    Then Click “Download PDF”

    If you read the download you will see that the official Watchtower stance is that

    All White cell blood fractions are acceptable

    All Platelets blood fractions are acceptable

    Hemin and Hemoglobin from Red cells are acceptable

    Albumin, all clotting factors, fibrinogen, and immunoglobulins from blood plasma are acceptable.

    Basically all blood is acceptable.


    Just click the download pdf

    Lots of my friends and relatives have taken blood.

    The trick is not to invite the HLC or tell any of the congregation because their ignorance will force you to abide by “Their” Interpretation.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Or simply tell them I'm sorry; I caved in a moment of weakness." I'm betting they would love to make this edict go away quietly, or restore it to a "matter of conscience" but the backlash would be catastrophic. (Prov 26:17)

  • Vanderhoven7

    You mention the the following are acceptable to the WTS:

    White cell blood fractions

    All Platelets blood fractions

    Hemin and Hemoglobin from Red cells

    Albumin, all clotting factors, fibrinogen, and immunoglobulins from blood plasma.

    Now the question is ....what is not acceptable? As I understand it:

    White blood cells


    Red blood cells


    Stored blood

    Storing blood unless in small amounts (testubes) for testing purposes

    Your own blood if it has been interrupted in its flow back to the body

    Giving blood

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