Where do Bethelites now go to the meetings?

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  • RubaDub

    With all the changes in the Borg, does anyone know where all the ones that have been moved out of Brooklyn go to the meetings?

    In the past, they were assigned to a number of congregations in New York City. Having now moved into more rural areas where there is no public transportation as there is in New York, where do they all go?

    From the few people I still know up there, I haven't gotten a good answer yet.

    Rub a Dub

  • Jehalapeno

    They likely go to the meetings at a Kingdom Hall.

  • sir82

    Undoubtedly they go to congregations in locales surrounding Warwick, Wallkill, Patterson, Fishkill, etc.

    There may not be much in the way of "locals" propping up those congregations (it's not exactly "boondocks" but its also not even midrange-suburban, either), so I'd suspect many of those congregations are 60, 70, 80% Bethelites.

    There are probably a lot of Bethelites traveling 35 or 40 minutes, each way, just to get to their Kingdom Halls, 2 or 3 times (field service) per week.

    Oh, but don't worry about the GB or other prominent Bethelites - they get the nearby congregations.

    I know that's a load off your mind.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Most of the Bethelites at Warwick, Tuxedo, etc have cars now. There is a Bethel garage where they can get auto work done free (they have to get the cars themselves; I'm not sure if they have to pay for tires, parts, etc), and they get mileage from Bethel to get them to their meetings and service, depending on how far it is. A lot of them drive an hour or more to their meetings. There is also a big congregation that meets at Warwick (about 200 or so in attendance the day we were there).

    Also, there are regular shuttle vans between the major sites (during the day) so there is no problem for them going between Warwick, Tuxedo, Wallkill, etc.

  • SplaneThisToMe


    There’s a congregation that meets in the auditorium in Warwick.

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