Just calling on our neighbours with a friendly message - Too Late! You Had Your Chance! You're All Gonna DIE!

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    A bit off topic, but LisaRose's comment really struck home. I've been the target of contempt, particularly when I voiced my doubts about JWism.

    I also struggle with contempt towards religitarded Watchtards. I honestly cannot say that I will make it another decade in the bonds of marriage. I never imagined that I would feel that way, or say such a thing.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The followers of a bloodthirsty god take on his characteristics.

    Bringing that to the present, I am personally distressed by the JWs of my acquaintance espousing the foretold execution of Revelation. When I was a JW, I recall that mental acquiescence of a belief was insufficient. We had to prove our advocacy of Witness beliefs and practice by talking and living them.

    I found it conflicting to preach the Sermon on the Mount in tandem with the Battle of Armageddon.

    Best Wishes . . .

  • WTWizard

    Sounds like the New World Order. Reduce the population to around 400 million, totally ruin their heritage, and enslave them. The jokehovian witlesses are a bit more extreme, and direct about this message (they wish to reduce the population to around 2 or 3 million with 7 or 8 people enslaving them all), but the message is the same. People do not have the right to live in freedom--any more than children living with their parents out of town. And now that joke-hova is on the scene, "Daddy" is home and all fun is banned while you are degraded, cut off from your heritage, and enslaved.

  • JWdaughter

    That you feel contempt for your husbands belief system is understandable, but don't show contempt FOR HIM. He is deluded, as were you, as were most of us here. We were/are not contemptible, even if we hunt! Even if we follow manipulative, evil men that we do not see as being evil or manipulative.

    As to hunting. I don't hunt. My family did. We fished, too. If we had not when I was a child, I would have never eaten meat or fish except at school. Animals in grocery stores are now, more than ever, free range, grass fed, humanely treated. . . unless you are seeking out the worst quality of meat. Try to hold back your judgement on that one. It's pretty unfair and hypocritical at first glance, and maybe you will see it if you think it over a bit more. Your husband does not deserve contempt for hunting, as long as he does it in a lawful and responsible manner.

    Eating meat is a choice. But once you make the choice to eat it, you can't be judging the slaughterers or the butchers. Abattoirs are horrific places to have to go whether you are the slaughtered or the slaughterer. Or just an observer, as I have been a few times.

  • tiki

    I too am against hunting for sport. If you live out in the boonies and you hunt out of need for food, that is another story......but outlaw put it in perspective...nailed it! Love that guys take on things. Wife with dub hub......ignore his religiosity. Got to develop a thick skin.

  • DJS

    View it as you wish, but I find these men and their practice abhorrent. And all like them.

  • supernerdboy

    Ah, so sad, they killed a predictor that had to eat ~10x his mass to get that big. I feel so sorry for him, he/she should have continued to hunt other animals.

    Nature is nature. ""The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him... The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself... All progress depends on the unreasonable man.""

  • Vidiot

    compound complex - "I found it conflicting to preach the Sermon on the Mount in tandem with the Battle of Armageddon."


    The older I got, the more the whole "message of judgment" thing just felt like a big petty "told ya so".

  • Crazyguy

    I with my wife just try to remember that she was indoctrinated in to these ideas all her life. She is a victim of the cult and we were to, so I try to give my wife some slack on account of this.

  • OrphanCrow
    Lifesnotover: But "You and everyone you love and everyone in the whole world (except for us wonderful righteous JW's who are going to survive and live on a paradise earth) are shortly going to die a horrible terrible terrifying painful death at the hands of Jehovah God and be dead forever more. See, like in this picture! And you can't do anything about it now. Too bad, so sad!" How could anyone in their right mind think that was an okay thing to do?

    Good point. They are not in their right mind.

    The twist to all of this is that preaching is sold as "saving souls" when in actuality, saving other peoples' souls has dick all to do with it. The JWs preach to save their own skin. It is completely and wholly a self centered exercise. Saving others is just the excuse they use to fool themselves, thinking that it makes them altruistic but all it does is confirm their own importance

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