Does a brother have to be appointed an MS to be an account servant?

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  • Quarterback
    Qualifications for assigneand responsibilities is unbalanced. You can have a person who has had child molestation charges in their past, but, you can't use a brother who has an adult Disfellowshipped relative living at their home for financial reasons.


    If the WTBTS will reappoint a sexual predator, rest assured that with enough ass kissing ( aka, evidence of Jeehober's blessing ) they WILL reappoint your Ex.

    Sorry you went through all that.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Does a brother have to be appointed an MS to be an account servant?

    ive no idea--but i think it would be useful if he can count--and have a good imagination

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    It is a non glory position since you are not out front of the congregation. since I have a history of faithful Service, the CO had no problem with it.
  • elderINewton

    Short answer is it is to be an exemplary brother that is either appointed or being tested as to fitness of being appointed.

    I've never seen a non-appointed brother in the 50+ halls I've been in that handles accounts. Cash is king, and its trust. I personally handled the accounts as an assistant before being appointed, then was put in charge for about two weeks before I was appointed a MS.

    I don't get how you could even use a pedo to do anything trustworthy.

  • freddo

    Accounts Servant is usually a Ministerial Servant. Sometimes an Elder. Very unlikely to be a non-appointed man unless there is a real shortage of brothers.

    I know of one hall where the Territory Servant (maps) had a non-appointed man (ex elder actually) but only due to having not enough servants.

    Here is how it works.

    Accounts nearly always has a servant if there is one available. Sometimes an elder.

    Mags dept and Lit dept might be combined under one servant (if there is a shortage) and each dept has a non-appointed assistant.

    Maps usually a servant. Rarely a non-appointed man.

    Sound - most likely not to b a servant if short on bods.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Some years ago I was given the accounts to handle. First as an "assistant" to an eldurr, then by myself. The CO even said that the records were the best he had seen, and all congregations should be that precise and neat.

    One of the self-important eldurrs complained, bitterly, after the CO moved on to his next assignment, and got me removed from that chore.

    Interesting thing is that after three years I pretty well had a good handle on who gave how much. It was the poor, the disabled, the old who gave the most. Not one of the eldurrs of Mistrial Serpents gave much if anything. Damned selfish as-a-wholes!

  • Gayle
    My mom was an acct servant back in early '60s, small congregation, where the "need was great"er.
  • humblepotato

    I was the accounts servant for 2 years before being appointed as an MS. There is a neighboring Hall 20 minutes away that still uses the COBOE's wife as the accounts servant. It's not preferred, but it is due to the circumstances of finding a qualified individual who can count properly.

  • committeechairman

    Baptized brothers and sisters can handle the accounts for a congregation and perform the quarterly audit. I have actually seen this done. However, if there are sufficient elders and ministerial servants it is preferred to use them, even when their accounting skills are a complete ATROCITY. It twists my brain in knots because sisters would keep all the accounts straight and tied out properly.

    Even Jesus appointed account servant was a freaking thief and a frugal grouch about the accounts.

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