Mixed up references in "The Origin of Life"

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  • betterdaze

    Doug and Phizzy, thanks so much for your dedication to details.

    Other sloppiness found in a recent study article:

    WT quoted a mere phrase lifted from a review of a fictional novel. Since the review is behind a paywall, it is not even clear if they read the entire thing to discover the book is fiction. As in a fake story made up for entertainment purposes.

    Head-nodding Witnesses think they received an actual, factual history lesson that day.

    But not one lazy Bethelite copy-paster even read the book!

    Any kid in a high school writing class would be unceremoniously flunked out if he/she submitted a paper referenced in their style.

    Try grade school for New York state where HQ is located.

    They Google for garbage to back up their lies, and they can't even manage that well enough not to get caught.

  • iwantoutnow

    Its hard to imaging the the jerks writing this stuff don't put 2 and 2 together when they can NOT find credible evidence for what they are trying to say.

    And the MUST know that they are misleading the reader when they employ these types of shady unscrupulous tactics that to the average JW looks like its all based in science.

    By the way - this type of thing did help wake me up. When I was giving DC talks, I looked up everything.
    Generally there was not much to look up with the small talks, but I was given Public Talks, and the Closing Talk a the District Conventions, as well as access to all the talks for a couple years.

    I found that LITERALLY every outside quote was completely twisted or from a unknown source that would be unverifiable. Mostly when I looked up the references, the proved the OPPOSITE of what the WT was saying it did.

  • Vidiot
    iwantoutnow - "...this type of thing did help wake me up..."

    Same here.

    It helped me start realizing that the more one went looking for real evidence that the WTS was right, the more one found indications that it was NOT (something which actually happened to me, even though I didn't realize it at the time)...

    ...and if the Org's only means of bolstering their position was the use of logical fallacies, academic misdirection, and semantic loopholes, just how legitimate could their position actually be?

  • Vidiot

    Also, it was the roundabout-but-definitely-present underlying insistence that "every negative thing you hear about the WTS is false"...

    ...which I knew had to be statistically impossible.

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