Sexist article about construction

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    It's all about women being trained to operate heavy equipment, like it's a miracle. They quote the male foreman, but don't tell you that only men are allowed to be foreman. On the flip side of the sexism coin, it's said multiple times that women are safer and more thorough, and are often preferred for the job.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Ha! Are you kidding me 😄 They're marking a worldly day . . . What's next, black history month?

  • OrphanCrow
    darkspliver: FWIW it was posted online yesterday - AKA International Women's Day


    I wonder how much the org got in grant money for International Women's Day

  • Londo111

    "In Britain, less than 13 percent of construction workers are women."

    But at least those 13% got paid.

    The JW women involved in "theocratic" construction did not. This basically amounted to slave labor.

  • AbusedandPissed

    Actually many times sisters do run crews. They can't run a construction shop, but crews you see them all the time running it and giving direction to brothers.

  • Londo111

    The Watchtower's standards on "spiritual" qualifications are so high, that it does create a shortage of "qualified" men to have privileges. For instance, it is more likely for a JW man to give into looking at a little online nudity, and thus fail to even carry a microphone, much less qualify for anything weighter.

  • sparrowdown

    Is there an international child abuse survivors day?

    Maybe thay can mark that too along with international get an education day, international blood donors day and international think for yourself day.

  • TD

    Given the fact that JW's won't let a woman adjust a microphone, much less address the congregation directly, isn't it a little misleading for them to be tooting their horn about training women to operate heavy equipment?

    As outsider could easily come away with the idea that JW's respect and support equality when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Or am I missing something?

  • sparrowdown

    TD that's exactly the point.

    False advertising. Hypocrites extrordinaire. Liars of the highest order. Bastards Inc.

  • stuckinarut2

    How patronising.....

    "aww... there there you good little woman. You can drive the big truck if you are good and obedient. Would you like that? hmmm? Now run along now and make us morning tea while your'e up"

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