Is this a true statement of JW's, All government officials are tools of Satan?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    If so wouldn't it be funny to write a letter to your councilman, mayor,congressman, senator and

    other government officials why JW's don't vote. Most will say because I'am told

    they are no part of this world,but they obey the laws of the land.

    True but the main reason, they believe you are tools of Satan. It's bad enough to say you are not part of

    this world but to say Satan is running the Government, spooky, spooky.

    I believe the media will have fun with that.LOL

    Now some of you may beleive this may be the case today (the candidates for president),

    but most sane folks don't believe Satan is ruling the world.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Is this a true statement of JW's, All government officials are tools of Satan?

    As far as I can remember, yes.

    JWs believe that all governments are under the influence of Satan, don't they?

    They believe that when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, he offered him all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for 1 act of worship.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Here's your answer: 1 John 5:19

  • Mozzie
    Yup everything about the government is evil apparently, but this hasn't stopped the GB joining with them if it is to benefit them
  • eyeuse2badub

    When a jw receives a 'welfare' check or an unemployed elder or pioneer receives their unemployment check, do they praise jah for for those 'tools of Satan'?

    just saying!

  • Carol1111

    How about:

    Romans 13v1 says "The powers that be are ordained by God"

    John 19 v 10,11

    1 Peter 2 v 13,14

    and there are more in a similar vein.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    What's the old saying, "don't bite the hand that feed you".

  • Vidiot

    They're "put in their place by God"... but "part of Satan's World" at the same time (how does that work, exactly?)...

    ...either way, they're useful (except when they're not). :smirk:

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