Pretoria resident says - before high court in South Africa - he is the anointed one !

by ZAPPA-ESQUE 24 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Earnest

    darkspilver : Yes, it's the same chap. The photograph on my previous post was on his wedding day to Candice.


    Earnest - is jy nou dieselfde ou wat in die hof n saak gemaak het ivb Die Anointed ??

    Naai my broer man jy maak n skande va jouself hiersa !

  • Skepsis

    He has the same reasons to say it that the GB: none. So why not? ;)

  • Earnest

    ZAPPA-ESQUE : Are you the same chap who made a case in connection with The Anointed in the court ??

    No my brother you are making a mess of things for yourself !

    No, I wasn't in the court. I wasn't even in the country. But since you were apparently there it would be interesting to hear what was actually said in court beyond what is reported.

    Preferably in English for the convenience of the other posters.


    Earnest - Read it for yourself please ~

    And no - don't get vol kak with me ! You read the report - so you know I was not there -- the papers were reporting it ! Not in the mood for any insanity tonight Ok - Verstaan jay !

    And the question I asked you was...Are you the person - Ernest Gericke - connected to this court application ?

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