Why was corruption of scriptures not prevented?

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  • anointed1

    You say: I am “arguing for divinity by some supposedly positive facets of creation while ignoring other facets of nature that do not fit in their/your model

    No, I was actually saying why some materialists are better than religionists. (see my OP: “At the same time there are many good people among materialists, why? Because they are led by an uncorruptible teaching available everywhere)

    I have a different perspective about materialist: they are the creation of religionists.

    When religionists go into one extreme (doing inhuman things such as violation of human rights) this become the cause for the other extreme to appear—materialist. Thus existence of atheists offsets against the extremities of the religionists—thus atheists do a great favor to the humanity. In God’s eyes, materialists are better than religionists because religionists use God as a means to get material blessings from God (means their actual love is towards things of God, not God) which means God is used, not loved.

  • Vidiot
    anointed1 - "Why was corruption of scriptures not prevented?"

    Because the ease of being able to corrupt them was just too damn convenient. :smirk:

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I am an atheist and I may be wrong. But from my viewpoint I am an atheist because of words. Maybe this is why the only words Jesus wrote disappeared in the sand. I am referring to the scripture about the lady who committed adultry and was to be stoned, Jesus took his finger and wrote something in the sand, that today we can only speculate on what he wrote.

    When you read and familiarize yourself with the endless Watchtower literature ...ummmm

    Words are a far from perfect way to express our point of view. It has gotten worse as today we have smilies and twitter... :-) :-( :----) whatever.

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