New Study Claims Children Raised Without Religious Indoctrination show More Empathy and Kindess

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  • fulltimestudent

    I guess I was a little more attuned to the topic of this survey because of a Rugby Union controversy in Australia, A player named Israel Folau, who is a zealous member of the Assemblies of God Church, got into trouble over his public comments;.

    He has been sacked from playing RU because of making public statements about various 'sins' on social media. That has raised a lot discussion about the rights and wrongs of the RY managements decision. Folau claims he is not intolerant, but that is only sharing his 'god's views and that essentially he is being 'loving' in doing so. It could be pointed out that the same actions may have led to his being sacked from most large Aussie businesses.

    But isn't Folaui's position similar to the social research conducted at the University of Chicago. Imagine, for a moment that Folau is right in his beliefs, If so he will die one day and go to heaven, from where he may observe the torments many of his former RU comrades are undergoing. Will he recoil from the sight of such vicious tortures, saying, " I warned them," and, then turn away, unable to watch the torments his former friends were undergoing.

    Surely such a belief, will not make a person kinder? But maybe some can manage that situation. I once knew a circuit overseer, who had a personal belief (that he seldom talked about) the YHWH?JESUS would somehow save only the incorrigibly wicked, Dont aske me howq he managed to juggle that one and stay a JW.

  • fulano

    From the perspective of the JW cult I think you could say that the ones indoctrinated show less empathy, generally spoken. It makes sense as from a very young age you learn to judge the world, you feel better than the world and are exposed to biblical cruelness, pictures, drawings. Who doesnt remember the Armageddon drawings in the Paradise lost book? Or the one about Molek where babies were thrown in.

  • Vidiot

    Honestly, sometimes I think the bOrg is trying to turn its membership into a bunch robotic sociopaths.

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