Does Your Family or Friends Call To Check to See How You Are Doing?

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  • minimus

    Giordano.... great story! Love it!!

    I saw a couple sitting at a restaurant texting each other across the table! They’d rather text than talk. And they could talk as I heard them order their breakfasts.

  • truth_b_known


    My younger brother who is no longer active calls from time to time.

    My younger sister and her husband, who was my best friend, do not.

    My mother hasn't spoken to me in about 9 years.

    My dad likes to talk when I call him.

    My friends who are former Witnesses and who have never been Witnesses do on a regular basis.

    It is a great feeling to receive a phone call or a text from someone asking "How are you doing?"

  • sparrowdown

    Sebastian Maniscalco does a brilliant stand up routine about when the doorbell rings now vs when the doorbell rang 20yrs ago. Should catch it it's a hilarious observation of the difference in how we react when we get a "we were in the neighbourhood thought we'd stop by" visit now compared to what it was like when he was kid.

    I find even just txting someone out of the blue you haven't spoken to for a while to say hi seems to throw them for loop. It's like "whatta you want from me!" "Ah ...nothin... just sayin hi..." LOL.

    What is happening to us as a species.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    On the other hand, I, who remember my childhood phone number and how calling Grandma and Grandpa was on a rare Sunday when a 5-minute call was cheaper, am somewhat relieved that I have no telephone. I simply could not get our local provider to install a landline (my preference) in my new home. So much for 40 years a customer.

    The benefits of this form of communication -- telephone -- were spoiled for me by its abuse by friends and foe alike who know nothing of telephone etiquette: a call that Brother Garrulous keeps going for two-plus hours, an alcoholic "friend" who calls a dozen times a day and makes you feel guilty for not picking up, telemarketers who are incredulous that you ask for their personal number so you can call and interrupt their dinner, ad infinitum . . .

    I'm all right with emailing and personal visits. I email Brother Garrulous I'll be over to visit, and when his nonstop chatter wears me out, I get up and say there's a dog waiting for me to walk it.

    No lie there.

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