It's about progress, not perfection...

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  • smiddy

    When I first saw this post I thought too long to read .

    Then I read a paragraph here then their, then I read another paragraph and another here and their,and finally I read the lot.

    A lovely post ,well done , your humanity shone through .

    Take care.

  • WingCommander

    Sounds like a case of your father, "Reaping what he's sown." A lot of good all of that bible thumpin' did him, huh? Victim of a cult is right, though. JW's don't possess any of the fruitages of the spirit. If they did, they'd know what REAL charity, caring, love, and sympathy are. Instead, they are the complete opposite.

  • tor1500


    JW's put on that they are happy...they don't realize this journey is just that a journey, and perfection is not until death, (if all this is true). I believe in God...Most witnesses are not happy people to begin with...if you are happy something is wrong with you....

    When a person tries to be morally clean it just makes them bitter...when witnesses smile, most of the time the smile never reaches their eyes....I call it the dead eye...

    I'm a witness, their default button is woe is me...when you go out in FS, all you hear about is their illnesses....sometimes I didn't feel good either but just mentioned it lightly...didn't want to sound like them...

    As I said before and still say it....Witnesses are children dressed in adult clothes....

    Some are ingrained with bitterness and ignorance...but those two traits, you at least have to have the soil to do it..meaning it was in one in the first place....


  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Thank you for creating this thread. It made for compelling reading and is certainly food for thought.

  • Cadellin

    Thank you for sharing. This was interesting and moving without being sentimental; you are a compassionate and caring son, exactly the kind of son that any parent would want. I'm glad you have a happy and love-filled life.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Thank you for posting.

    I'm getting prepared to "leave", have discussed taking the "high road", and wonder what that looks like. This gives me a glimpse.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I feel the same way you do, my mom is a J-dub, & my dad has never been one.

    My mom, and us 4 kids, always were doing JW things... meetings, service, conventions, and my dad was basically on his own, in his own world... He was a hunter/ fisherman, belonged to a club, had friends, but there were two family world's.

    Now, he is in his late 80s, my mom is a few years younger, I am not a JW anymore (left in 2012) and they need help.

    My mom had to call..... she needed help, she even used her cell phone... Usually, she speaks to me in a "business like" tone, afraid of the boogeyman, but with more 'communication' she is becoming more relaxed.

    We will see what the future holds, it is hard for me not to get mad and tell her off.... I was never DF'd. My husband, was DF'd for testifying for WT.

    The WT is very evil for separating families, making them suspicious, preventing them from bonding, enjoying life. WT is a blackmailed.

    I hope one day, the "curtain will be pulled open" and "the wall" will come down, and families will be families once more.

  • crazyhorse

    This is a very encouraging post. I must say you have a very big heart. Sorry for your mother and in the end , you always had good thoughts about your parents.

    Thank you so much

  • crazyhorse
  • Cimarrona

    Very late to the game.. but thank you for this post. I too have watched my parents age. My aunt died last week, two of my uncles a couple years before that. I asked my mother how she's feeling and her response was, "I know she's not in pain." Which I don't disagree with. I know it's hard on them. I know that they live an anxiety filled life under the surveillance of people half their age who, like all witnesses, are constantly looking for flaws in others. It makes me sad. They're both so brilliant. They could've accomplished so much had they chosen other paths (preferably after I was conceived lol). I'm still learning how to navigate our relationship. But one of the most healing parts is no longer having to lie to them. I lied soooooo much growing up. I never felt like I could tell them the truth about anything, even minor things that in retrospect shouldn't have mattered. Now it's all out there in the open. No shame.

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