More Brooklyn properties sold

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  • recovering
  • Finkelstein

    So the big fat rich Watchtower Corporation/Publishing house that got rich by lying to the public is cashing out big time with its real estate holdings.

    Well that's corruption in religious Charlatanism.

  • wifibandit

    Thank you! That story was just posted. Good catch!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The 117 Building was where the Gilead classes were, wasn't it?

  • zeb

    "my sister sells sin on the corner,

    my mother she makes bath tub gin..

    oh lord how the money rolls in".. war time song

  • jwleaks

    "[The buyer] paid $18 million for 117-125 Columbia Heights — a five-story, three-townhouse combo of Brutalist architecture totaling 53,629 square feet on one of the best blocks in the high-gloss nabe. It was used as office space. The second sale, at 97 Columbia Heights, is slated to close shortly — for an undisclosed, but larger, sum."

    Brutalist architecture for a brutalist organization. The irony.

  • ShirleyW

    Funny that this has been posted this evening, after reading this evening in either the NYPost or in TONY of one of the hot new hotels to stay inBklyn, they mentioned either 40 or 60 Furman, when I hear Furman I think of one of the Bethel buildings. But now, Bethel bldg or not, on the roof they have a pool and bar hangout, looks way cooler than pumping out Washtowels and Afake magazines.

  • _Morpheus

    360 furman was the org building... sold that a while ago, i think it was the first to go

  • ShirleyW

    wish I didn't throw away and still had todays Post so I can confirm the address, but every time I hear Furman in Brooklyn I think of the Bethel bldgs plus the fact that theyre in Trump's family now since his son in law owns some of the former Bethel buildings

  • pepperheart

    It makes you wonder where all the money has been going,on the watchtowers own website it tells you that in 2012 they sold over 20 branch headquaters from around the world,

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