Anyone Heard Any Good DEMON Stories Lately?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I saw this recent account on YouTube recently and wondered if anyone had any good spook stories? Haunted books? Ouija boards? Apparitions? Protestant boyfriends?

  • scratchme1010

    Fox news and Pennsylvania... that says it all to me.

  • steve2

    Householder: What would possess someone to start a new topic requesting good demon stories on an ex-JW forum?

    JW: Satan.

  • joe134cd
  • pale.emperor

    My family are very superstitious in this regard. Demons like to live in 2nd hand shirts and yard sale vases etc. They put normal everyday things down to demons such:

    As a light bulb going off on its own (they dont last forever you know).

    One room on the house being colder than the others.

    Being pinned to the bed at night (this one is more popular, it's simply a cases of Sleep Paralysis, a normal medical occurrence).

    I used to believe all that too until i read Derren Brown's Tricks Of The Mind. I've never actually seen a demon. So i decided to stop believing them until i actually saw for myself something happen. So far nothing has. And i currently have a copy of the Satanic Bible, two Hindu idols and a Kali Yantra on my door. So there's 4 really strong "invitations" for demons to come and have a play at my house. So far they dont want to.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Derren Brown is amazing! He says he doesn't use stooges, but in one of his videos he apparently controls people on the street by giving someone in a room directions. A person walking down the street stops, raises one hand, then another and follows all Brown's instructions to the person in the room. The only way he could have done it is by giving the woman on the street an earphone where she could hear Brown's instructions.

    It's all about deception and misdirection. That includes lying through their teeth.

    I think it would be a hoot to plant an old Ouija Board in the trunk of an elder. Get a few of them and six months after you plant the first, plant a second.

    Or you could just sneak one into a Kingdom Hall and leave it in a closet.

    Drawing pentagrams on a wall in chalk could also give them something to talk about in meetings. Demon stuff was of the greatest concern in the 70s and 80s, I think. I don't hear much about JWs destroying second-hand items these days. That's why I asked.

    Evangelical Christians and, surprisingly, Muslims, are now homing in on modern magicians (many who are using simple CGI to change the color of drinks and pull sandwiches out of thin air), saying that devils are involved. Some Muslims leave comments saying that magicians' tricks would fail if a Muslim were there to quote from the Qur'an.

    This video claims there is no natural way some of these magicians to do what they do without demonic help. Whatever you may think of the argument, it's a great compilation of magic acts. (And YES, have you ever noticed how lightbulbs blow just when you need them? Spoooooky!)

  • heathen

    I've seen spirits more than I care to mention but that dark shadow demon seems to be close to some things I see . so far no scratches and such . That family trying to move will have a hard time now anyway so maybe have a tour for the non believers who keep saying they need an experience to believe , could make some money . Been living in the same place since 1989 , activity around here has been very high to the point I'm thinking one of the deer cams motion detectors may bag one . I'm not moving as I like where I'm at

  • jwleaks

    This years JW regional convention feature a series of video demon...strations.

    Scary enough for you? Bet you couldn't sit through one of those without walking out in fright and covered in goosebumps.

  • NewYork44M

    I love good demon stories. I know a story is good when I get chills. That hasn't happened for a long time.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's not that I don't believe in hauntings and the supernatural, but it's another thing to be superstitious. I had a good friend who grew up in Atchison, Kansas, on L Street. It was haunted from his earliest days and He had stories that could curl your toes. He had a very small TV room where visitors and family often saw an elderly man sitting. If they did a double take, the sofa would be empty.

    They had a French foreign exchange student staying with them once. On his first day, when my friend's mom rang the differ bell, the student showed up and, counting the set places around the table, looked perplexed. When my friend asked if anything was wrong, the fellow asked if the man in the TV room would be joining them. Everyone speed what they were doing and they explained about "George" (which was what they called him). The student turned and rushed back to the TV room and returned ashen.

    The following week, he brought home an Ouija board and another friend (also French). They set it up in the basement and it wouldn't work properly. The plancette (finger device) flew all over the board. Asking if the spirit was angry, it went to YES, then M and back and forth.

    Two people there had names beginning with "M" -- Matthew and Mark (my friend). They asked if it was Matthew and it went NO, then "M" and repeated it. They then asked if it was mad at Mark and it shot to YES, M, YES, M and they stopped.

    Mark said he changed places with the recorder and sat at the side table. They began again and Mark told me he suddenly felt light headed. The paper he was looking at blurred and he felt like he was falling backwards. The next thing he knew he was on the floor and everyone was around him looking terrified. Matt had his right hand in a fist and was yelling at him to stay down! He tried to get up, but was too dizzy and his face hurt. And everyone began telling him to stay down.

    He said he had no recollection of it, but they told him he had suddenly leapt from the desk and had attacked them, screaming obscenities. Matt hit him but he had jumped up again, swinging at the closest of them and had been knocked down again. It was the third time that he began to come to.

    He never used an Ouija board again.

    He said the spirit in the TV room had never spoken to them, nor did he seem violent in any way. One time, he recounted, his mother was carrying laundry downstairs. She tripped and someone with "strong hands" caught her. Supposing it was her husband, she turned to thank him and no one was there.

    Mark said they would hear loud noises that sounded like a full chest had fallen over and that things had fallen out of it. But when they searched, everything was in place. They would see what looked like car headlights on the wall late at night, but when they looked outside no car would be there. Even more oddly, when they put their hands up to see where the light was coming from, they would cast no shadow.

    One night, Mark felt creepy for no particular reason and decided to go to work early (he delivered pizzas). Hours later he returned home, where his dad told him he'd come home a short time later to find Mark's younger brother, terrified, and sitting on the sofa with his dad's loaded revolver in his hands. He normally came home and went to bed, but he heard footsteps upstairs that particular night and then heard the crashing sound and things hitting the floor. So he got his dad's pistol and decided to wait. His dad checked all the upstairs rooms but could find nothing amiss.

    I met Mark's family and they seemed perfectly well balanced. They had many stories, but over a long period of time. Every night wasn't Halloween, but for the most part they just got used to it. At first Mark's dad was angry about Mark's brother getting the gun, but he understood why he got it.

    Even though a gun isn't going to hurt a spirit, I still think I'd feel better with one!

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