Just talked to the head man for the SDA church in my country

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  • joe134cd

    Oh ok Steve I recall looking and it was much of a muchness

  • barry

    Dear Diogenesister,

    Just to fill in with some of your questions. The SDAs would say they have the remnant message. They say the 144000 is a symbolic number and they would also say christians that have accepted the merits of christ are saved and go to heaven. Gods church is not just one denomination.

    The only area the JWs and the SDAs are similar now is in the area of using the historicist method in bible prophesy and in fact they are the only two denominations now using this method.

    The SDAs would have more similarities with more main stream churches and they do emphasise the soon return of Jesus.

    When i joined with the Anglicans the main problem I had was with their Calvinism because the Adventist are more Arminian. Remember TULIP and the Arminians had a similar five beliefs to counter Calvin.

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