Sweden May Call in Army to Deal With Immigrant Violence

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  • zeb

    sorry cant help.

    My interest in Sweden is that I have friends from there and also I see Sweden as an overture to what is happening here.

  • Outahere
    It's a shame because i love Sweden. It's one of the most forward thinking countries on earth.

    Apparently so forward thinking it's gone 180 backwards.

  • Bad_Wolf

    The awake people saw this coming as soon as they were taking in mass immigrants from the most violent and war torn extremists regions of the world and they were not integrating. So many people seem to figure things out when it's too late. Then in France, it becomes, "Must accept terrorism as a part of daily life now" must accept it and like it. If Bernie was elected or Hillary, this would be increasing in USA as well. Least Trump isn't opening the floodgates to this. Hopefully in 3 years it will remain.

  • freemindfade
  • Simon

    Sweden. Uncontrolled immigration based on idiotic feel-good ideology instead of common sense. They were invaded and initially put inordinate effort into denying any issues but now have to face reality.


    Same story in every country that made the same choices (e.g. no-go areas and violence in France, Germany) apart from the ones that didn't just throw the doors open without vetting people.

  • cofty

    Credit to the UK government who resisted moral blackmail to follow the example of Merkel.

    Nicola Sturgeon boasted she would be happy to open her own home to Syrian refugees. Still waiting!

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    FFS it already happened Cofty.....they clean her house twice a week.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Good for Hungary and Poland refusing to take in their share of cultural enrichment.

  • Magnum

    Simon: "Uncontrolled immigration based on idiotic feel-good ideology instead of common sense"

    I love that phrase. One of the best lines I've heard in a good while.

  • Outahere

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