Moore's Law And The Survival Of The Watchtower Corporation? When Will Instant Processing Push These Dumb Bastard Into Bankruptcy?

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    Unfortunately, there's a sucker born every minute. Somebody, somewhere, needs magical leaders to show them the meaning of life, and they'll pay for it.

    The WTBTS can go 100% paperless, sell every single Kingdumb Haul on Earth, tell congregants to meet in someone's home, rent facilities for special occasions, still get donations to cover expenses and STILL get free labor on lucrative properties!

    Why? As long as they are perceived as "The Channel", J-dumbs will follow them! There will always be plenty of religitarded people who want to be "somebody" in the ORG. To retain that power, they must maintain the illusion.

    Unless the Pedo issue becomes so bad that being a higher-up = jail, what's to stop the ORG? They can downsize, continue to re-brand and white-wash, and get online donations from Mexico and Africa for decades.


  • steve2

    Followers are complicit in their delusion. Sure, we could portray them as hapless victims and at the same time recognize that these followers seem disinterested in questioning their leaders.

    This is as true of "mainstream" religious groups as it is fringe and/or minority groups. Remember when JWs accused members of the churches of Christendom of blindly following their clergy? The pot dares to call the kettle black...

    Each group has its heyday of growth, followed by stagnation and decline which is hastened by the increased levels of education and secularization throughout a country. 100 years ago, Christadelphians flourished; nowadays they are a mere shadow of their former selves. Who has even heard of this group at all, let alone seen it being active in the community? As the years pass, fewer and fewer.

    JW org has stagnated in the West for years (go back to 1998 and compare JW growth in the Scandanavia cluster and Australasia and compare with 2016 for starters). And signs are, decline is setting in.

  • pepperheart

    On the carts today i saw two new teaching books and when i got them home found they had both been printed in 2006, so they have 3 lots of teaching books that were printed in 2006.How big are their stock rooms LOL


    They've got nothing new to offer anyone. I believe the newest "teaching" book is "What Can The Bible Teach." A clever title, because they don't know what the Bible "Really" Teaches. Lol!! I'll be here all week!!

    Its a book for people with learning disabilities and limited reading skills. I don't want to be mean, but it seems as if the WTBTS has a limited pool of potential converts. Hope the Real Estate gig holds up, because poor, dumb people don't usually have much to donate....


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Thanks everyone for your opinions. I see most are feeling that this bull shit can last for lets say 50+ years with a few hopefuls like myself in a early end for this ancient dooms day cult. I think I detect a slow and gradual shift in the xjw community towards a early demise of our beloved WT corporation.

    I would also suggest that this giant leap in aquiring knowledge that computers and the internet offer us will filter into the rank and file young and old despite effort by the GB putting a ban on higher education and apostate web sites. In fact the Governing Body failure to inform R&F about its legal woes will only force many to do google searches to find out what is happening.

    Another fact to consider is that the guys now running the corporation are die hard delusional and can't make good business decision, look at the financial trouble they got into with overspending. I'm sure that they should have started long ago to phase out of the printing business but they kept it up while putting them in the red so bad they had to hijack all the money from the congregations in the USA, and still with that big haul they had to stop almost all building projects. They only know how to use imagined authority over the flock to fleece them but not how to balance the books so that they are in one jam after another by wasting time and resources chasing after some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  • Vidiot

    Brokeback WT - "...They only know how to use imagined authority over the flock to fleece them but not how to balance the books..."


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