How many years did you waste away in the Org?

by Tallon 46 Replies latest jw experiences

  • smiddy

    From my conversion at 19 ,i was a captive for 33 years and have now been out 20+ years.

    How come Jesus Christ only spent about 3 years in the ministry ,whereas most of us have spent the best years of our life in what we were led to believe was a life saving ministry.

    Jehovah God ? YOU OWE ME

  • jookbeard

    a "born in" 1966, had a "walkabout " phase in my teens, baptised in 1987 aged 20, married in 1990 , began doubts and fade in late 1992 , not too many years per se but the scars of a miserable childhood and marriage still remain decades later

  • EdenOne

    40, from 4 to 44. Baptized at 16. MS and Elder then resigned, then MS again, then removed, then disassociated.

  • pale.emperor

    Born in. Baptized aged 19 because social pressure and you wernt taken seriously unless you were baptized.

    Woke up aged 31 and DA'd (then DF'd anyway) aged 32.

    I dont regard it as a waste though, i see the positive. I can now smell bullshit a mile away, im very critical when im presented with sweeping statements and i now know more about this religion than most active witnesses.

  • Bugbear

    25 and fading +10,,,,what a waste of time.

  • HappyGal

    From age 5 to 27. Not to mention all the years spent undoing the damage.

  • dogon

    30 years. I was raised in this shit. Its hard to get out when you are raised in it and your entire family is in it. The internet gave me the information they buried. I don't believe they are bringing in many from the door to door work. I think what they are getting is kids of believers. The old family friend of my wifes who visited last night was a teacher and should know better. She believes the end in near even though its been near and could not go on much longer since 1914. But its proven that the more a cult is proven wrong the more the cult members cling to the cult.

  • blondie

    Time in until I finally left not to back, 48 years....time wasted from 1983 when I knew it was not god's organization but did not leave permanently, too shell-shocked and needed to heal first; no longer in mentally and faked it.

    Some time wasted....but there were other issues besides the WTS. But no regrets as I have been out for 17 years and still have more time ahead of me to do the things I want. As Malcolm Forbes said, it isn't over until you are dead.


  • Syme

    Publisher for 23 years (from age 8 to 31) and baptized for 18 years (from 13). 6 years as mini servant, and 2 years as elder.

  • Skepsis

    Doesn't matter how many years you spent, it's too much!

    In my case, it has been almost all my youth. Just now I'm realising how many thing I haven't experienced for being a witness. No one can give your time back! :(

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