How much money people usually donate to WT ?

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  • schnell

    I think it's funny now that I never donated by check or counted it on my taxes. Always cash. Because I was afraid that I might be persecuted.

  • freddo

    About five years ago i was asked to do the congregation audit and in the past way before that have been the Secretary and before that the Accounts bod.

    In our hall, besides what went in the box at the back about a dozen folk had a monthly standing order so that tax on their donations could be reclaimed as per jean-luc picard's post above.

    Their monthly amount ranged from £10 per month up to about £100 per month. The vast majority were in the £20 - £25 per month range.

    The cash from the box amounted to low £100's and so about £600/£700 went to hall upkeep but only about £100/£200 went on literature although this must be dropping acutely.

    Then there would be special drives for decorating or repairs and thousands would pour in. We never struggled financially but didn't seem to be awash with so much dough that we could send large sums off to "Mother".

    Occasional bequests came through - usually in the low thousands but in our circuit I heard that an old brother owned an old Rolls-Royce (serviceable runner worth about £10K) and he left it to the congregation to be sold in his will for their benefit.

  • Crazyguy

    It's funny I only really started donating just before I woke up. Others I know never really gave any. It seems as though the ones that gave the most are the older ones like older woman that had an excess of money maybe do to the death of thier worldly husband that not only made money while alive but had an actual life insurance policy .

  • freddo

    That is spot on Crazyguy.

    We had a few older widows, often who outlived their unbelieving husbands who when alive unwittingly "kept" them able to go on the ministry, drive a little car, give them a pension from their jobs and then the ubm would die and the widow had complete control over the finances.

    A few years later the widow would die and occasionally a bequest would go to the congregation or WT - even when there were surviving adult children and grandchildren alive. Such is the nature of dependency upon cults.

    Most of these have shuffled off the mortal coil and the next group coming through (now in their sixties and seventies) won't be so financially independent.

  • shepherdless

    According to 2015 accounts, Watchtower BTS of Britain and IBSA (UK) received £41.2 million and £14.5 million respectively, totalling £65.7 million. That does not include legacies, "grants" or donations of literature.

    Given Britain has 138,000 publishers, that works out at £476 per publisher p.a., or about £40 per publisher per month.

    I have not seen figures from any other countries.

  • midnight

    Why isn't all the money collected up and given to the poor ?

  • tiki

    Wow... Back in the day....say the 70's. It was a few people that were fairly heavy donors, but a majority gave nothing or very very little. I do know one unbelieving husband who was the cong sugar daddy...nice man..eventually got dunked to make his wife happy. Most people were too cheap to donate.

  • Ucantnome

    i would get some tickets for food at the assembly and if I hadn't used them ( I usually ate at a restaurant) i would contribute the remaining ticket. that was it.

    I didn't go every year to the assembly.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was dismayed when my old dad told me he had donated £5000 to the local congregation for a hall purchase. that was my future inheritance going up in smoke.

    he also donated £100 a month.

    that hall was subsequently sold.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Bills have to get paid at the KH, and all things/events have a price, so we contribute moderately. However, when they read those crazy numbers at the assembly, we never give one more red cent.

    No freaking way that $11,000 is the true cost for one day at a location owned by WTBTS. It's a LIE!!!🤥


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