Jehovah's Witness now more exciting than Imagine Dragons!

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  • blisterfeet

    I was able to meet Imagine Dragons, it just kinda happened! During my normal day to day activities, and they were very pleasant! They were kind and approachable. I was calm and able to assist them with the things they needed

    The next day the witnesses came to my door. I answered and stepped out onto the porch. I was a nervous bumbling mess! I couldn't find the right words I couldn't think clearly. Like a fan girl!

    I managed to get it together somewhat. The Sister looked to be 35-45 years old and she had a daughter with her maybe 14-17 years old. They began by speaking about marriage and how husbands should be respectful of their wives. I eventually asked if I could share a scripture with them as they had shown one to me. She said "okay" but she didn't have a lot of time and I should set up an appointment. She also wouldn't look it up for me which I thought was odd.

    I ran in the house to grab my bible and i grabbed my "silver sword" and was looking for a scripture in deut. but I was unable to find it. She said she had people in the car and I could set up an appointment for them to come back. I asked her "what scripture is the governing body mentioned?, I can't remember off the top of my head." She said well actually the governing body was set up by Jesus with the first century Christians. I said "Yeah! That one! What scripture is it mentioned that Jesus established the governing body?" She said she would look into it and get back to me. They left quickly.

    I was proud of my seeds of apostasy I was able to share! I was very nervous at first but I think I was able to get through a little bit! I really do not think they will return but I kept my integrity, I was patient, kind, and gentle. I was respectful that they have the right to worship in ways I choose not to.

  • gabcol

    hahaha bravo :-) let me know when she comes back with that scripture... I have seemed to forgotten it to

  • WingCommander

    Let me get this straight:

    JW's show up on your porch, unannounced, then when you start to ask them questions, state that they've got people in the car and are running short on time and that YOU should make an appointment?

    Hahahaha! That is freakin' GOLD!!!! The audacity these clueless assholes have is astonishing! They are oblivious as to their own stupidity. Wow!

  • LV101

    blisterfeet - exciting couple of days especially the one meeting Imagine Dragons! They're a local Las Vegas band -- along with the Killers.

    Can't believe the JWs! I used that GB line on the phone to a witness several yrs. ago, but they're still a JW - maybe your 'seed' will be more productive.

  • Vidiot

    Reminds me of a similar anecdote that was told here a few months ago...

    ...that basically summed up:

    "Hi, we've just stopped by to let you know we won't be stopping by!"

  • oppostate

    It's shameful how dismissive they are when asked to back a belief with scriptures.

    Of course their immediate thought is to refer house-holders to literature on JW.0RG

    Back in the day everyone I went in service with, except for newbies or children, could maintain a good discussion going an use their memory or the Bible words and Topics referenced on the back of the Bible, (my fave was the bright green "Make sure of all things" book, though).

    If a house-holder had time we'd discuss for over an hour or even more, and if they were folks in the car, no big deal, it was easy time, and you could take a nap, then head to the coffee shop for a bathroom break and a snack.

  • OrphanCrow

    I am curious

    How did you manage to get a "silver sword"? Was it a gift? Did you pick one up at the KH? Just curious seeing as you left about 16 years ago...just wondering how inactive and faded JWs get their hands on the new Bibble. A free gift from a cart witness maybe?

  • blisterfeet

    OrphanCrow RE: How did you manage to get a "silver sword"?

    My mom gave it to me the year they came out. I have many different bibles and the book of Mormon. I enjoy them!

    @WingCommander RE: Let me get this straight:

    JW's show up on your porch, unannounced, then when you start to ask them questions, state that they've got people in the car and are running short on time and that YOU should make an appointment?

    I did say something about that! I said "you came to my house to talk to me about this! I was about to take a nap!" lol she didn't think i was funny though!

  • jws

    Seeds of apostasy? I really doubt it. She's talking about marriage. You offer to share a scripture on something completely different and can't even find it and have to ask her for help. And you show up with one of their bibles asking about the governing body.

    Sorry, I think you botched that one. You scared them away, yes. But seeds of apostasy, nope. Um, I want to read you a scripture. Um, where is it? That one? You know? And you have one of their bibles and you're talking about the governing body. An apostate who can't even make his point.

    And Jesus didn't have to mention the governing body. They justify the governing body based on a concept of leadership.

    The argument about did this word or that word appear isn't the best one. Many Christians believe in a rapture. Is the word rapture ever mentioned in the bible? No. But non JW Christians will use other verses to claim it will happen.

    We're talking about a fictional book anyway. So it's hard to make any claims of what is right and wrong anyway.

    Just because thousands of years ago, ancients may not have called lightning electricity doesn't mean it wasn't.

    You've got to be more subtle. Sucker them in. Let them present things, then question it. You attack with, I assume the argument is, "Governing Body" isn't in the scriptures and haul out one of their bibles, they're going to run and not pay any more attention to you. You play the questioning householder and ask a good question in a non-accusatory way, they're mind will engage and think. They may not have an answer. They might have to go research it. And that's when it will work if it's going to work. Will they think "this answer doesn't make sense" or will they regurgitate the JW position blindly?

  • blisterfeet

    @ jws

    I appreciate your feedback! This was my first attempt at anti-witnessing, I for SURE need some practice! I think for my first attempt I didn't do too bad!

    I don't understanding why it is such a shock that I have their bible. They give them away, why wouldn't people have them?

    One thing about this site that I appreciate is that we are all on different parts of our journey and we are all supportive and understanding of the struggles we all face! I am thankful I have found a community that is there to listen!

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