Are Jehovah`s Witnesses of today, aware, or even care about their early history of the 1800`s ?

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  • smiddy

    In the 1960`s when I was a new convert , a 20 year old , I devoured the book "Jehovahs Witnesses in The Divine Purpose" outlining the early history of the restoration of true christianity in the world.It helped to convince me then that this was indeed the true religion......Not that I remember much of the details it contained nowadays .

    I understand there was a poor attempt to mimic it with the " Proclaimers " book a much sanitized version of the early history of the JW religion. What reputable organization in the world ,secular ,religious or otherwise ,doctors their own early history/ beginnings unless they have something to hide or are ashamed of.

    How many JW`s today would know that they were formed as the " International Bible Students Association" in the late 1800`s , or that their first President of that association was none other than W.H.Conley ,and not C.T.Russell.

    Does it even matter ? does anybody really care ?

    JW`s make a big deal about their claim to base their religion on first Century Christianity , however they seem to be very lax when it comes to sharing facts about their modern day movement on the scene in the late 1800`s .

    No first Century christians ever identified themselves as Jehovah`s Witnesses , the Jews never ever did, and no other christians ever did until J.F. Rutherford in the 1930`s , even though it was a Spanish Catholic Monk who first coined the name Jehovah , adding vowels to the consonnants of the four Hebrew letters of the tetragrammaton in the13th Century C.E.

    So from the13th Century till the 20th century the Catholic religion in their writings about scripture were using the name Jehovah that is seven centuries of using the name Jehovah ,which is inscribed on many churches throughout Europe.....So much for christendom hiding that name.

    Much the same can be said about protestant religions during this time , they also used the name on churches and in their writings .

    Do you think the average JW today are aware of these facts or even cares about them ? Are they bible students or not ?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Do you think the average JW today are aware of these facts or even cares about them ?

    Most not aware, the others don't care.

    Are they bible students or not ?

    They are watchtower students

  • HereIgo

    I doubt many of JW's even know their history or even care. I can say this because I didn't know diddly squat about our history while I was in. I know more now that I am out! All I really knew was CT Russell founded JW's and used to be called bible students in the 1800's when it all began. I have tried having conversations about the history and asking elders and CO's questions without coming across as suspicious. One CO said " CT Russell was just a tool to spead the word, that's it" and he then moved on to another subject. I don't think they really want to distance themselves from their early history since many of it contradicts what they believe today, such as celebrating holidays etc and digging too deep may cause some to seriously question their teachings which they don't want.....

  • DesirousOfChange

    Does it even matter ? does anybody really care ?

    Nope. Most of them are in it for the social aspect. It's their network of friends, and they feel that, as a group, it is a "good" group of people to associate with. None of them do the required in-depth studying to know "The Truth", let alone to learn TTATT. I admit that I've kinda gotten when I don't care anymore either. . . . . Doc

  • TheWonderofYou

    At high school I took yet religion class. One of the teachers a priest handed out information about miracle wheat and court orders against the Watchtower leaders what was typically for Russell and Rutherford's time. That was in the 80's. But even then I didnt take the accusations seriously nor did I question anything but got into baptism process.

    I never read any critical books which were available, but I dont like to buy such books or read it. My real "interest" grew rather after I realized how many ex-jw exist in the world and are coping with this cult-abuse and how many are actively helping others to find out of a cult-treatmill into better life via those forums, meetings and other initiatives.

  • zeb

    you mean the 'wings of Horus' that were printed on the front of some of the books..

  • steve2

    If you show me even one loyal, committed young JW who knows or cares about his organization's background, you had better tell me when I am sitting down. The shock would be too much for a man my age on my feet.

    My observations from at least three decades ago was the changing calibre of Witnesses who had little knowledge of their organization's background and who cared even less. I recall the older Witnesses of yesteryear who had a ferocious appetite for knowledge and who could flick through Scripture with terrifying ease. They were skilled and fearless debaters and you knew from the state of their exercised mouths whether or not they had tonsils. They ran from controversy never. They stood their ground until a mad chill was in the air.

    Today, we do not see Jehovah's Witnesses. We see Pussy Witnesses who specialize in neither knowing, nor caring what lurks in the Watchtower closet.


    Are Jehovah`s Witnesses of today, aware, or even care about their early history of the 1800`s ?

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  • Chook

    Jw don't care about the last revelation book old light. Cult affected people can't be reasoned with.

  • smiddy

    I think you summed it up pretty well steve2 , the new generation of JW`s have no knowledge of the Bible or Christianity of the first Century and less knowledge of their own early history , and how could they when the organization revises their own history as the years progress.

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